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How Indian mobile app development companies ramp up remote working orders to prevent corona virus spread


Corona virus or Covid-19 has shaken the business and therefore the businesses are scrambling to health the speed of virus.

The news from the mainland intimidated the industry and the drastic measures to save the world have precipitated the significant changes.

As the number of Corona positive cases swelling up, the industry has prepared itself for the social distancing practices.

The respiratory illness caused by the virus is highly dangerous and contagious. The large tech companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook was hit hard by the pandemic and therefore first ramped up the remote work plans for their entire employee worldwide.

According to the early reports prepared by law firm Seyfert, showed the below results from March 12 to March 16.

While every one of us is hoping the Covid 19 to end soon, the mobile app development companies are already prepared with the contingency plans.

Work from home is in the DNA of IT companies. Remote working is more or less a culture, and working for an extended period is being favored widely, looking at the current pandemic.

The digital tools, web conferencing software and electronic mails to mobile collaboration apps support the digital maneuver.

There have been many event cancellations, which have led to extra work for the mobile app development companies.

The digital productivity is not the priority today in software development services. In fact. The motive is now to maintain the health safety while keeping the productivity as much as possible.

Earlier, the small companies seem reluctant to commit enough for the full-blown investment and strategies. There is always a scope to enhance the experience while working from home.

For the remote working culture, the companies prefer to choose the solution, which ticks all the technical boxes.

Sometimes, the simplicity is what needed for the best work from home engagement. The basic option is to choose the approach, which stands to the test of time, and deliver the reasonable results to the effort.

What is the probable glitch?

The organisation moved the application to the cloud, which entertained collaborative working. In the office premise, the connections to the application are safe, but as the employee leaves the building, the connection is susceptible and essentially requires the network security perimeter.

Facebook banned its corporate network from Doordash. Because the company's entire workforce started placing orders for delivery over Bay Area in California.

The more dangerous issue is the fear of networks being collapsed. According to an anonymous ISP, the evening peak activity is 10 times the daytime need, when the nation starts watching Web series and playing online videos.

Just as people are made aware to practice the respiratory hygiene for avoiding Covid 19, the workers in software development companies must also stay mindful to the online hygiene and saves the connection from any new virus. The unsecured connection is more prone to be attacked and data leaks.

  • Employees must stay more wary for the suspicious links especially related to Corona virus.
  • According to survey, more than 50 percent of links related to Corona virus are malicious.
  • Employees should use the company-approved device while working from home.
  • Ensure the strong password for Wi-Fi and avoid using the public and unsecured networks.

Alongside, the corporate networks are unused to having the majority of connection in their VPN, therefore having unusual quirks.

Whereas the ISPs are under the pressure to lift the bandwidth. The large tech companies first switched to remote culture and shifted the knowledge sharing work to the pre-existing infrastructure such as critical tools for remote working and chat groups.

Twitter head of HR, Jennifer Christie promised employees to reimburse employees, hourly workers, cost of setting up desktop, PCs, and home offices.

He explained that the working from home does not change the day-to-day work, but in fact, it just changes the working environment.

However, in reality, the investment has made people to wonder if the remote working culture will stick around, even when the pandemic is over.

In broader perspective, it is hard to say No to employee, if HR has bought them a new home office and it justifies the investment to pay off for year instead of few upcoming months.

Tech Giants understand the responsibility

Slack's spokesperson said, this time we are more focused to save everyone from the pandemic and help the world to continue the work with best possible productivity.

Microsoft made its cloud suite, free for next six months, Google followed the suite with its own business subscription, and Zoom lifted the limitation and allowed to exceed the 40-minute conversational limits.

Tools for remote working in custom software development companies

  1. Slack
  2. Trello
  3. Zoom


The Uber workplace management tool, which offers the free to play business model. The tool offers the scalability.

There is no need to sign up for the entire organisation; rather you can start for the small teams, and desks. Later, you can expand it as required.


The project management software Trello, allows the team to assign and arrange the tasks, track the progress of large project and build the macro for workflows. The application offers entirely professional behavior and suitable for remote work management.


Zoom is the collaborative tool for video conferencing and do away with the frustrating process. In the wake of Covid 19, the app has lifted the limitation on free accounts and allows supporting 1000 participants in a single call. The app also went through some controversies for the attention-tracking tool, which was fixing in June.

Wrap up

The mass pandemic has given custom software development companies an enough time for thinking, is it really worth to go for office? Mobile app development company in India are much conscious about the security, looking at the dreadful condition in Europe.

The Country is in under complete lockdown for 9 days and it is expected to stretch until 15 April. Until date, the productivity is superb for the IT companies, due to the remote working culture. A little hustle is always there, but the focus is over the things keep going


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