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Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence

From increasingly effective product suggestions to accurate journey time predictions and advanced customer analytics, machine learning is an incredibly powerful tool which lets you analyze every important aspect of your business without wasting human hours on the task.


“There is denying the fact that AI is driving the next generation technology revolution”, stated by Cognitive Solution and IBM Research in 2016. With the same aspects, I want to draw your attention towards quote of Bill Gates:

“A breakthrough in machine learning would be worth ten Microsoft”

Till the end of last year, Google paid $400 million to London based AI outfit known as Deep Mind, a specialist in deep learning research to get more precise about data and artificial intelligence.

Google is using such a far above the ground technology in study and prototyping for self-driving vehicles to know what poses a danger on the roads.

Statistical Data

Machine Learning refers to the methodology concerned in dealing with huge statistical information in an intellectual way to drive actionable insights. It uses statistical data to predict the value of target variables using a set of entered figures. ML is possible with Artificial Intelligence covers a board category of an Internet of Things (IoT) including media, investment, transportation, research & technology, food, and more.

Google provides with Machine Learning Tool Kit that allows adding various features, especially for developers with an easy package to use and implement. It helps out-of-the-box solutions that will run on device depending on requirements. Tensor flow is a computational framework for building machine learning models that allow creating different models through toolkit.

Basic APIs: effortlessly create apps of machine learning
  • *Text Recognition
  • *Face detection
  • *Landmark detection
  • *Bar code scanning
  • *Image Labeling
  • *Smart reply

Types of machine learning

  1. Supervised Learning
  2. Unsupervised Learning
  3. Reinforcement Learning
Benefits of ML with AI according to some of Fellow Tech Experts

Generate new services

Increase security

Future aspects

Facilitate sustainability

Make us smarter

Concluding Thoughts

Machine learning is growing so fast and so well that it has applications in nearly every other field of study. Big companies are increasingly investing in ML-based solutions to solve problems too difficult or time-consuming for humans to solve. There are plenty of resources available today, that didn’t even exist say, five years ago, across countless platforms in so many different forms, to get one started in machine learning.


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