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Is It ok to Buy YouTube Views?


Buy YouTube Views

It is and it is not at the same time. How? Well, you gotta keep reading.

As being a YouTuber, you have to keep checking on the views, likes, comments, and subscribers of your videos and your channel. Earning views and likes is getting harder day by day on YouTube as more and more people are generating and uploading their content on YouTube.

If you simply search any ‘how to’ video on YouTube, then there will be a lot of results displaying the answer to your query. Just like when I searched for “How to tie a tie” on YouTube:

There are thousands of videos available for the above query, among which viewers will choose a video from the first and most probably, from the first 3 results. So, viewers will choose the video which has the most views. The viewer will already trust the video which has more views, so if you want to get more views, you must have more views on your video. To kick start the views for uploaded video, many YouTubers sponsor their video or get the paid views for their video.

But is it okay to follow such practice? Well, I will say it is okay to get views from a legitimate source. If you get views on your videos from an authentic source, then it is totally okay, but if you get views from the shady supplier at cheap rates, it most likely to be the bot views, and that is against YouTube Policy. What if you get a deal like “MacBook just for $99”? You will find it fishy and avoid that deal, right? The same is with YouTube views. If someone is selling 10,000 views just for a mere amount of $5.

So, we will discuss how buying YouTube views will help you.

Get Boost

If you want to boost the views of your video, then bought YouTube views will help you get a boost, and the video may go viral.

Attract organic views

If you have promoted your video and bought YouTube views, then you have a higher chance to attract more organic views, as your video is already being watched by the paid views.

Leaves a social proof

A higher number of views on your videos is social proof of your video’s popularity. So, It leaves a social proof that your video is a big hit.

Attract more subscribers organically

As you already have a lot of views on your video and attracted more organic viewers of your video, there are more chances of attracting subscribers to your channel and increase the engagement ratio of your video.

Competitors will take you seriously

As being a YouTuber, you know that there are a lot of competitors in the market and if you have a good number of views on your video and a good engagement ration, the competitors will take you seriously.

So, that’s how the paid views will help you get famous and bring you success as a YouTuber. But, from where do we get the paid views and how do we choose a great provider of views? Well, you gotta be very very careful in choosing paid views provider. But, don’t worry, if you really want to get paid views, we have a curated list of paid views providers.

Buying quality views from authentic sources is okay. And it is just like running a paid campaign to get views. So, carefully choose that third party which provides you views on your videos.

We know a very best provider to buy youtube USA views. They will provide real YouTube views, instead of the bot views which are cheap at extremely unbelievable level (Just like the deal of Macbook @ $99). So, don’t buy the bt views, okay?

And we will clear some myths about getting paid views for your video on YouTube.

One myth is that if YouTube paid views your account will get banned, but it WILL NOT. If paid views will get your account banned, everyone would have purchased paid views for their competitor, right? So, if you buy views from a reputable and trustworthy supplier, it won’t get your account banned, rather, it will help you get famous on YouTube.

The second myth is that the famous YouTubers do not buy paid views, but what if I tell you that they do? Well, I will tell you a secret (don’t tell anyone, alright?), you are not the only one who gets paid views on your video, but there are many many famous YouTubers who use this trick to make their video viral. So, don’t feel guilty or anything in buying the paid views, you are just doing that right by purchasing the views on your video.

But, as we said, earlier you gotta be very careful and picky in choosing the views provider. So, go ahead, buy youtube USA views if you want to be a successful YouTuber.


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