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Kapil Jain Shares 5 Tips to Upscale Businesses with Digital Marketing


The ultimate aim of any business, whether small or large, is growth and profits. The importance of optimum marketing in ensuring growth of a business cannot be stressed enough. The advent of technology has resulted in a boom of digital marketing to promote one’s business and is being seen as the future of marketing.

With almost every single person owning a mobile phone and having internet access, the need for good digital marketing techniques is indispensable now more than ever. Every company is looking for ways to create awareness about their brands as much as they can digitally since the last few years and with the Covid-19 pandemic hitting countries badly throughout the world, the need for digital marketing has increased tremendously for businesses.

The entire world is realizing the need to work from home, and half the world being under lockdown, has no other option but to opt for digitization of their businesses. Digital marketing even though fairly new, yet remains a much more effective marketing technique as compared to traditional marketing.

Kapil Jain, an award winning, affluent digital marketer and the founder of Mumbai based 360 degree digital communication agency called Graphitto.com, through this article shares with you 5 Tips to Upscale Businesses with Digital Marketing:

1. Embrace Social Media Marketing- There has been a surge of people using social media this past decade and the numbers are increasing day by day at a rapid pace. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are one of the most common social media applications used by people and these are few of the perfect platforms for effective social media marketing.

Social media plays a very important role in increasing your brand awareness. You can generate good content on all these platforms and ensure that people recognize your brand. Your social media presence will ultimately increase your customer base. Once you connect with your customers on social media, you can decide a target audience and post content accordingly. The direct line of communication will also ensure that you get customer feedback straight from them.

2. Upgrade your blog content- It is highly essential that you upload decent and genuine content on your blog frequently. A blog has been proved to be one of the best ways to keep your customer base engaged with your business and increasing them rapidly as they keep reading details about your business, products and services. The aim remains to gather more and more audience for your blog and thereby, generate high quality content.

You can share inspirational stories related to your business and insider tips which will make customers feel more connected to your brand. Also, you need to keep in mind to stay honest so that people can trust you. Your blogs should reflect your promotional strategies.

3. Use Search Engine Optimization- You should never underestimate the power of good Search Engine Optimization to promote your business. Even if you provide optimum services and maintain a flawless website, if your website does not appear on the top of any search engine, then people will not even notice your website.

Using SEO helps you to optimize content on your website so that it appears on the top when any person inquires for services that are provided by your business on any search engine. Even though SEO may look time-consuming and too technical at the first instance, yet the importance of SEO cannot be stressed enough. The most essential part about using SEO is too look for the ultimate keywords that are searched for by customers and then use them in your content.

4. Use Email Marketing carefully- One of the oldest yet one of the most effective ways to upscale your business remains email marketing. However, it is important that you apply the best strategies and make genuine efforts towards building a customer email list. This ensures that your efforts do not go to waste since mails may be directed to spam if they are not read by the customers for a long time.

There is a need to build a core audience who can stay loyal to your brand and also a list of people who can turn into potential buyers. Once you build a proper list, you can use it to send tailored emails depending on whether they are already your customers to retain their loyalty, or to potential customers to attract them to your brand.

5. Build your website smartly- Every person likes to feel special and there is no better way of showing gratitude better than incentives and offers. Your website should be designed in a way that people are attracted to use your services. You can use methods such as lead magnet or click-on services where the customers have to fill in their details and other contact information.

Your website should be basic yet attractive so that customers find it user-friendly. The people accessing your website should be able to find all the details of your business in there and it is also essential that you display your contact information clearly on the website for people’s access.


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