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The Key to Launch a Successful Food Delivery App


Before you set foot in the food delivery business, you have to analyze the pros, cons, and how to go about with your brand in the market. The food delivery business began a decade ago, and none had the idea that this would become a huge success. After two or three food delivery startups became successful, many entered the market to try their luck with this business. 

Below specified are a few statistics about the food delivery business:

  • The online food delivery industry is predicted to grow at a rate of 9.9% per year. 
  • Its current market value is $107.43 billion, and it will reach around $156 billion by the end of 2023. 
  • By the end of the year 2030, the food delivery industry will yield $300 billion if it grows at the present rate. 

At present, many investors are looking for successful food delivery apps to invest in. Many food delivery ventures have also raised funds recently to extend their business and cover more regions. Many apps are evolving day-by-day with new concepts to grab the attention of the customers. 

Why should you go for clone apps?

A few years back, clone apps were introduced to satisfy the needs of the entrepreneurs who were looking for a food delivery app at affordable rates. If you are also planning to set up a food delivery service, then the UberEats clone app will be the first productive tool that will help you reach the customers. There are a few aspects that you need to know about the app before you develop it.

What are the essential elements to be included in your app?

The app should have four separate panels for each of the four roles available, namely: administrator, customer, delivery agent, and restaurant. 

Customer dashboard:

The customer initiates the food delivery process. They log in to their account or register using their phone number or email ID. They check out a few restaurants and see if they are available for accepting orders. If yes, they add the food items to the cart and proceed to apply the coupon code if available. In the succeeding step, the payment is made, and that marks the end of their process. With the above-mentioned process as the foundation, the following options should be included:

Multiple registration options

  • Location specification
  • Search filters to find a hotel of their choice
  • Adding items to the cart
  • Choosing a payment gateway
  • Payment details specification
  • Track the location of the delivery executive using geo-location 
  • Get updates about each stage, such as acceptance of an order, preparation of food, and the estimated arrival of the order

Administrator panel:

The administrator monitors and supervises the entire process. He/she will have access to the delivery executive data, customer data, and the restaurant data. They can modify any data at any time if required. This panel should have options to perform the below-stated functions:

  • View the list of on-going orders.
  • Access the location of the customer and the delivery agent
  • Analyze past orders for any low ratings or negative reviews 
  • Monitor the performance of the delivery executives
  • Add or modify any data
  • Access the documents of the delivery agents when needed
  • Get updates about the changes in the agent’s profile, restaurant data, and more

Restaurant panel:

The restaurants also have a major role in this food delivery system. When a user places an order, it goes to the restaurants first. They have to accept the order and start preparing the food items specified in the order. So, encompass the following options:

  • View orders
  • Accept orders
  • Update food status
  • Check the items after preparation
  • Hand over the order to the delivery executive

Delivery executive dashboard:

The delivery executive will reach the restaurant once they accept the delivery request. They will collect the food from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer within the estimated time. His/her panel should have the options mentioned here:

  • Accept or reject a delivery request based on availability and distance
  • Toggle button for displaying the availability status
  • Access to the contact details and the location of the customer
  • Resolve customer queries related to the delivery

These are a set of necessary features or options to be included in the four different panels. These options, along with a user-friendly UI, will help the concerned person navigate easily through the app and find the options that are needed. 

Who is your target audience?

The next major phase in launching a food delivery service is to know the audience properly. Divide the people into categories and market accordingly. With regard to the food delivery service, the main customers are the youngsters and the working people. Introduce new offers to make them order regularly. This will help you acquire higher revenue in a short span of time. Below mentioned are a few statistics that will help you choose the correct region to market your brand:

  • The countries that use food delivery apps at a higher rate are the US, Germany, China, Europe, UAE, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Korea.
  • Singapore, the US, Malaysia, the Philippines, and New Zealand are the five countries that are leading in the food delivery industry. 

Before fixing your audience, know the region, demographics, buying patterns, interests, lifestyle, and user trends. This will help you become a hit among the right set of audience. 

Know your competitors:

Analyze the competitors or other important players in the market to know what they are following to become successful in the market. Use their apps to find out any features that need to be added or any good features that will help your business. 


Once you analyze all these factors, you have to proceed to the app development process. You have to choose the best app development agency in order to develop and customize an efficient app. One such company that is leading in the app development industry is AppDupe. They have highly-skilled professionals who will look into all your requirements and analyze the food delivery market thoroughly before developing your app. Talk to the developers at AppDupe to build a high revenue-generating app for your business.


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