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Know best platforms for Mobile App Startups: Android or iOS?

By Dev Technosys
December 26, 2018, Updated on : Thu Apr 08 2021 10:43:10 GMT+0000
Know best platforms for Mobile App Startups: Android or iOS?
Initial few months for Start ups are in fact bumpy. There are a lot of things that demand your attention, while there are lot others on which you start exploring your role as an entrepreneur.
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However things start getting better once you hire an expert mobile app development company, but it is only the start. There are still a number of things that are yet to be thought and decided on your end so that you can have a kickass start for your enterprise.

Out of this whole chaos and confusion, one question that cannot be ignored and is most dreaded of all is of choosing between Android and iPhone App Development for startup. And to tell you the answer to this question, it can’t be simple a yes or a no. There are lot of things that decide the fate of your startup and the mobile app development platform is one of them.

So to help you decide better here is an ultimate guide which will inform you about benefits of android and iphone app development and help you chose better for your enterprise.

1.     Smartphone user graph

Before you get start with hiring of android and iPhone developer, here are some important speculations about smartphone acquisition: there is no doubt smartphone usage has grown up. In the coming few years, the projected number of smartphone users is to reach 5.7 Billion.

There is lot of potential in the mobile app market and it is definitely time to decide between android or iPhone app development.

2.     Android vs iOS: Market Share

Android has in few years of time period potentially grown up and has surpassed the popularity and usability of iOS. There is a huge elevation in the number of mobile users preferring Android over iOS.

With android owning a greater market share than iPhone app Development, these whopping numbers are sure to influence your decision. Android users are about 10 times more than that of iOS, which means 10 times more visibility and marketing opportunity for your business.

3.     Android vs iOS: Market Revenue

Beating android in terms of revenue generation, iPhone App development surely stands in the winning side. As a startup, revenue generation is one of the biggest concerns while choosing a platform with much higher revenue generation capabilities.  

It is no doubt in-app purchase revenue generation is much higher in iOS development, however, given the high visibility of Android, you might be able to compensate it all with the larger user base on your android applications.

Also, there is a lot of boiling time needed for Play Store to catch up to App Store Level, so decide wisely and talk to the hired mobile app development company for better decision.

4.   Android vs iOS: User Retention

When confusion grows and you are not able to decide better this is where you seek your salvation. For any entrepreneur, it is very important you maintain a good user retention number. It is because it allows you to speculate the app performance and give you a direction to go one step ahead. Furthermore, it also indicates where your app is positioned in the millions of global user space.

User experience, feature and functionality are some of the deciding factors that allow you to completely get past the uninstall rates on your app. Plus, usability of the app, the whole idea behind the development should be your focus in the initial stage of development.

Also, if you are looking forward to an iPhone App development, make it your priority. There is an unspoken known fact about android users being much more loyal users than iOS. iOS users tend to not return to apps that have once disappointed them highly on the user experience side. Thus, get into talks with your iPhone developer to discuss upon app design, development strategy, what new features you can add on in your app etc.

When you should go for iPhone App Development?

So when should you have an iOS first approach? When you are looking forward to create a brand visibility with respect to demographics, given the less fragmentation in the devices in particularity with the screen size, features, functionality it might be much easier to cater better user experience on the iOS platform. Thus, you can get a speedy iPhone App development as you don’t have to worry about the multiple device compatibility and investing in iPhone will be advantageous and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of user concentration, high revenue generation capability with the benefits of iPhone App development.

When you should go for Android App Development?

When should you have an android first approach? You should go with android if your audience is not concentrated and you are not looking forward to develop your business in a specific location. In short if your business model allows you can channelize your business to global audience and thus android app development will be a good thing for you.

Also, it will work out perfectly if your app gives you an edge of customized and personalized experience. Thus the benefits of having an android app development provide you with customization benefits on the platforms that it offers.

When you should go for both Android and iOS?

With the growth in the technology, you are now able to launch apps easily using hybrid app development technologies. Or merely when the confusion persists, just go for both as surely the confusion is because there is tit and tat between some factors.

Also, if you are not looking forward for such a high investment, you must go for hybrid and cross platform app development. With which you only have to invest a finding an expert mobile app development company that knows to handle the elements and components of apps that run on diverse platforms.

Now when you must invest in the next platform?

Once you have launched your mobile app and the business starts to churn, for the growth you might consider going on to the next platform. But what are the indicators that it is the right time to do so?

That is when your app starts reaping benefits from the current platform. When there is a constant revenue generation on App Store, you can then surely think about jumping on to Android.

While when you have gained a great popularity on Android, it is right time you increase your business on iOS platform, which helps you in increasing the monetization by taking it to the app store.


In hopes that this little guide will help you get started, and was able to provide you the subsequent push on deciding which platform will work out perfect for you as a startup.