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Kotlin vs Java Which will Succeed Android Development in Coming Times?

Kotlin vs Java Which will Succeed Android Development in Coming Times. This article talks about the usefulness of both languages.

Java has launched 23 years ago and its long-going survival indicates why it holds a supreme position in the list of most popular programming languages. Apart from the technical world, the non-technical world is also familiar with Sun Microsystems’ Java programming language. Java is considered as the most prior programming language by most of the large-scale enterprises. With its features like interoperability and flexibility, it allows enterprises to develop robust applications. But with the rise in mobile users, the whole scenario has changed.

As Kotlin was announced in 2017 by Google as official Android Development language at the Google IO, developers are mow confused between both the languages. There is a serious question in their mind “Whether they should learn Kotlin or Java?” If you are a beginner and want to learn Android development, then you must begin with Java, but if you already have knowledge about Android development, then you must go with Kotlin.

Why Use Kotlin for Android development?

Type-safety Language

In Kotlin every function has a class and similarly, every class has a function. Moreover, just like Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android also has Optional types for security check-ups.

Simple Syntax

Coding with Kotlin is easy. It allows you to develop applications with fewer codes and simple syntax. This results in few chances of errors and is less tedious for developers.

Null in type System

Android basically uses null to represent the absence of a value in the code, and nullability problems are quite common in Java. A null point exception usually kills the app. As Kotlin has null in its type system, it solves the problem by saving developers from suing some kinds of workaround.


Kotlin was developed by the same team who created popular integrated design environments (IDEs). So, it allows developers to build an application with more robustness and flexibility.

Easy Migration

Converting Java files into Kotlin is very easy in Android Studio. You just have to install the Kotlin plugin, and then adding it to Grade build files. Lastly, you have to click on convert for converting the Java files into Kotlin.

Java Problems Solved by Kotlin


Kotlin is loved by most of the developers due to its conciseness. Since readability is always treated as more prior then concision, but java does not have the feature of conciseness. This concise nature of Kotlin simplifies the development process and reduces the risk of error.


The core feature of Kotlin is interoperability. Developers can easily build modules that work seamlessly with existing java code. With the help of Bytecode, Kotlin can compile two different languages in a single program.

No Raw Types

Before generics were introduced, raw types were used quite frequently by developers. Sometimes raw types can throw CastClassException which generates an error during the execution phase. Since Kotlin does now allow raw types, more type-safe code is produced.

 Why Switch from Java to Kotlin?

Android app development is always integrated or tagged with Java Development. But due to some advanced features like simplicity, robustness, performance, maintainability, and lightweight code, Kotlin has outpaced Java. To meet customer’s expectations, increase competencies and efficiency of processes, developers are opting Kotlin to develop cost-efficient and feature-rich applications.

Kotlin has significantly improved the Java Mobile Development by adding some advanced features like compiling the code into Native or JavaScript to build a code that can easily run on iOS. Some of the interesting apps that are created by Kotlin are Carlens, Trello, and Pinterest.

Been here for more than 20 years, Java has been the favourite options for developers for Android App development. Being an Object-Oriented Language, it is the second most loved programming language on GitHub.

Despite the fact that Kotlin appears to work back to back with java for front-end improvement, it's far already being applied in backend tasks like spring 5. It may bring together to nearly every platform including Android, JVM, Native and JavaScript and may extract one common codebase so as to target all at the same time. Its scripting skills make it smooth to handle all Gradle construct scripts.

Its integrated null protection support makes it win over android this is complete of vintage java-style API’s. Being like-minded with all java libraries and frameworks, the JVM, Gradle integration and Marvel construct systems, it allows android builders to put in writing new modules and write them alongside existing Java code. Plus, it helps modern-day programming concepts like better-order functions, extension capabilities, delegates which assist construct clean API’s.

It usually has java by way of its side, due to the presence of android SDK. Slower compilation appears to be the simplest feature that desires a replace in Kotlin. Famous java use cases encompass Android-oss, NewPipe and WordPress engineering, and so forth.

So, the primary motive at the back of Kotlin’s adoption is that it addresses problems left behind through java and ranks among the top 5 favorite programming languages among builders. Kotlin has built-in safety mechanisms as discussed above further to being concise and expressive than java at the equal time.

Java is an extensively used programming language and paperwork the basis of android development. There can be many motives for why java for Android development isn't always preferred:

  • Java isn't a current language.
  • Android most effective supports a subset of java eight capabilities. In a manner, android builders aren't capable of acquiring complete benefits of java. In case they require utilizing java, then they may need to persist with java 7.
  • Java comes with some nicely-documented language issues like limitless try-trap blocks, null-unsafety, null pointer exceptions and lack of extendibility.
  • Java is still a procedural language although it is beginning to add lambda expressions and purposeful interfaces these days.
  • The syntax of java may be very complex and writing longer code can constantly be susceptible to more mistakes and bugs.
  • Java can create troubles with the android API layout.
  • Do you continue to want to keep in mind the maximum of the code at the same time as you code in java? it may be creepy and messy every so often!

How can Java to Kotlin conversion be done?

Heard approximately JetBrains’ java to Kotlin converter included into IntelliJ? It looks like a smooth choice but isn't always completely mistakes free. But it may help save a number of codes. Migrating the complete java code may be tiresomely long without it.

What Kotlin programming language does better?

  • It removes the tragedy faced while adding an existing object.
  • Omits the need to learn new languages.
  • Removes or reduces the need to write native code for some features.
  • Drops the need to be laggy in some specific cases.

How can switch from Java to Kotlin be helpful?

  • Kotlin is virtually a contemporary solution to older java. There are some elements that make Kotlin stick out from the crowd, as there are many options to be had.
  • Kotlin is concurrently operable with java. We will have both java and Kotlin code co-exist within an unmarried assignment. Each code can assemble perfectly and customers are not even able to make out which part of the code is Kotlin and which element is java.
  • Kotlin and java training can be written concurrently. There is no requirement to convert the complete undertaking to Kotlin or beginning a brand-new mission. Alternatively, small chunks of codes can be written in Kotlin and may be inserted as and while required, without affecting the complete code.
  • Kotlin has most of the people of java libraries and frameworks.
  • Kotlin is a simple enhancement of java, so a java developer or a current java utility consumer might be without problems capable of recognizing what Kotlin code is doing. It seems familiar, the code is simple to study and understand.
  • Kotlin objectives to gel up with the best of both practical as well as procedural processes, as there is no smooth solution to which approach is high-quality.
  • Android studio has an awesome guide for Kotlin. when you set up Kotlin plugin, the android studio makes it easy to configure a Kotlin plugin on your mission. Once that is achieved, the IDE will automatically apprehend the underlying capability like Kotlin code compilation, and execution. Debugging, code navigation, unit trying out, auto-of completion and full refactoring guide. As soon as all of this is set, changing an entire java code into Kotlin can be accomplished in an unmarried click on.


On account that the beginning of 2018, roughly 1.5 million builders wrote in Kotlin code and halfway via 2019, that variety has almost doubled. With colossal manufacturers beginning to apply Kotlin, aid from JetBrains and google, and an almost international attachment to the programming language, it’s quite secure to mention that Kotlin could be round for a while. The actual question is: will Kotlin end up the champion “write once and run anywhere” language?

Kotlin is speedy proving itself to be an advanced programming language for cell app development and presents developers with a wealth of opportunity to test with modern-day programming. On average, Kotlin is setting a brand new widespread for what a programming language must be able to accomplish.


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