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Latest m-Commerce Solutions From Top e-Commerce App Developers


In a developing country like India, people are increasingly using mobile e-commerce apps for their daily needs. Almost every youth prefers to shop online for saving their time, money and manual efforts put in purchasing something.

There are many customers who want to access their favourite retail app icons before visiting any physical store to buy. Hence, online shopping is one of the major trends now and m-commerce apps can make your shopping experience better than you have ever thought of earlier.

According to Statista, the number of smartphone users worldwide was 2.32 billion by the end of 2017 and will reach 2.87 billion by 2020. It is expected that more than 2 billion people will perform some kind of mobile electronic commerce transaction during this year.

According to eMarketer estimates, retail sales of electronic commerce reached $ 2.3 billion in 2017, an increase of 23.2 percent over the previous year. The moving part of this was 58.9 percent, or $ 1.4 billion. In 2021, mobile e-commerce could generate around $ 3.5 billion and then account for almost three-quarters (72.9 percent) of e-commerce sales.

According to the same source, worldwide mobile commerce revenues amounted to 96.34 billion U.S. dollars in 2015 and are set to surpass 693 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.

That's why mobile applications are playing a vital role in retail and e-commerce businesses. Both retailers and customers look for a standard, shared platform which ensures effective business interaction in this high-tech world. Hence, these mobile apps ensure the same for a good business growth.

In fact, the mobile applications are performing better in this vertical for now. That’s why m-commerce applications have become a necessity instead of an option as demand increased for online shopping.

As a result, with the increasing use of smart phones and installed e-commerce apps, the projected value of the mobile retail market in 2017 is estimated at $ 151 billion worldwide. According to ComScore, users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones. This shows that many online buyers appreciate the advantages of mobile applications.

Checkout some popular and latest retail & e-commerce mobile app solutions for your business:

   Mobile Ticketing m-commerce solutions

   M-Commerce in Healthcare and Medicine

   M-Commerce for finance

   M-Commerce for Retail and After sale Services

   Mobile Marketing solutions

   M-Commerce for Hotel Reservations

   M-Commerce for Gaming

   M-commerce for Intra-Office Communication

A convenient mobile commerce app provides a personalized user experience to its users. In addition, it has a tendency to encourage return customers.

However, you might need an experienced and reliable opensource e commerce app development company for rolling out a features rich m-commerce app. In this blog, we have shortlisted top e-commerce app development companies who provide latest m-commerce solutions to their customers.

Given below are the Top 10 Retail & ECommerce App Developers to look for in 2019:

1) Simpalm (A leading e-commerce development company)

Pricing: <$25–50/hr

Location: United States, India

Employees: 50–249

Founded: 2009

Simpalm is a leading service provider in the United States for the development and consulting of web and mobile applications for all popular platforms. They have designed and developed mobile applications for the Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows operating system for many of their clients in various domains.

Its range of technology ranges from Titanium, Xamarin, PhoneGap, iOS, Android, Java, HTML5, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Javascript, PHP, Amazon AWS and Windows Azure. Its experienced team of retail and e-commerce professionals has successfully launched more than 200 applications covering a wide part of opensource e commerce industry.

2) ValueCoders (Hire top ecommerce app developers)

Pricing: Starting from $10/hr

Location: India

Employees: 400–450

Founded: 2004

If you are looking for the top ecommerce app developers in India, the ValueCoders can be your exact match. It is an Indian software development company which focus on one thing, that is, personalized software development services.

With over 13 years of business experience and more than 450 best e-commerce website developers India, they have been working with startups, software product companies and digital agencies to help you simplify your IT outsourcing experience and reduce time to market.

ValueCoders will help you with all the best retail & opensource e commerce development services that have the best ecommerce developers for the needs of your company. They offer a 100% money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied and also provide a fast TTM.

3) PixelCrayons (Best e-commerce development company)

Pricing: Starting from $12/hr

Location: India

Founded: 2004

Employees: 400+

PixelCrayons is a leading software development company in India since 2004. They have proven their value in the IT industry and have over 4800 satisfied customers in more than 38 countries. They understand the needs of their clients and, therefore, present the software solutions suitable for them. They are highly recognized among their clients for their agile development process, SLA-based approach and timely project delivery.

They include a wide range of e-commerce development services. You can save up to 60% of the development costs and also obtain a team of highly qualified and top e-commerce website developers India, good infrastructure and developments in the latest technology.

4) Techtic Solutions (One of the best e-commerce website development companies)

Pricing: $25-49/hr

Location: United States, India

Employees: 50–249

Founded: 2009

Incorporated in 2009 and based in the United States, India, Techtic Solutions Inc. is a leading company in the development of web and mobile applications known for offering innovative opensource e commerce solutions for any complex problem including amazing e-commerce software solutions. It is an interactive creative agency, passionate about offering successful, efficient and successful solutions for your business.

Whether you are a new company or a large corporation, they can offer innovative marketing strategies, exceptional branding, mobile application development and web solutions that exceed their expectations.

5) Contus (Top e-commerce development company)

Pricing: <$25–49 per hour

Location: India

Employees: 900–1000

Founded: 2008

Contus is one of the leading IT services development companies in India. They offer amazing e-commerce software solutions in more than 40 countries around the world since its founding in 2008.

In addition, they have a strong team of more than 200 best ecommerce developers and designers with experience and skills in various technologies of IT development services. Since its inception, they have helped many small businesses and startups with their innovative applications. In addition, they increase 150% each year and seek to capture the large market share in IT development services.

6) Dark Bears (One of the leading ecommerce website development companies)

Pricing: <$25 per hour

Location: India

Employees: 200–250

Founded: 2009

Dark Bears is another leading e-commerce development service company in India. They completely focus on both Android as well as iOS app development. Some other expertise domains of Dark Bears are AI, Blockchain, IoT, and system programming.

Dark Bears was established by a team of highly qualified and top e-commerce website developers India who are specialized in creating fresh ideas. Since their inception in 2009, they are known to provide high-quality web and mobile apps to their clients and businesses. Furthermore, they allow businesses to connect with their clients more effectively and efficiently.

7) Softuvo Solutions Pvt Ltd (A leading ecommerce development company)

Pricing: <$25/hr

Location: India

Employees: 10–49

Founded: 2016

Softuvo solutions not only fills the numbers of their staff, but has the right talent, filtered exclusively to help you succeed in the online world. Their team of top ecommerce developers, designers and social media specialists have a great passion for what they do. They love that you see sweat to achieve the goals of your business and they will do so after seeing the amazing results at your table. Do not wait any longer to hire our army of professionals who can win the battle online with clean codes.

8) Zealous System (Hire best ecommerce app developers)

Pricing: <$25 per hour

Location: India

Employees: 200–250

Founded: 2008

Zealous System is one of the leading e-commerce development companies in India. They work in IT product development services, such as mobile applications, web applications, etc. to provide unlimited potential to the requirements of our customers and design the product according to their vision.

In addition, they value the time and commitments of their customers and companies. This is the reason why they follow agile methodologies when using time and resources effectively. Zealous System follows a simple policy “Passion to codify the success of one” and leads them to produce exceptional products for their clients.

9) iCoderz Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Top ecommerce website development company)

Pricing: <$25/hr

Location: India

Employees: 10–49

Founded: 2009

iCoderz opened its operations in 2009 with a few young and dynamic techno-entrepreneurs having the aim of offering customized opensource e commerce software solutions for various industries and categories in various operating systems.

In 10 years, they have achieved and expanded our business in terms of infrastructure and staff members. They have expanded their services offering the full spectrum of website design, development solutions and ecommerce software solutions.

10) Apptunix (Hire dedicated e-commerce website development experts)

Pricing: <$50 per hour

Location: India

Employees: 200–250

Founded: 2013

Apptunix is an web and mobile app development company headquartered in India. They are the perfect mixture of technology, knowledge, and innovation. They are specialized in app development services and deals with the development of apps for various mobile and web platforms like Android, iOS, Windows phone, PHP etc.

They offer effectual and prosperous e-commerce web design, module development, plug-in & solutions for small and medium enterprises. They are a top-notch opensource e commerce app development company that provides better end to end functionality.


So far we have seen the list of top ecommerce app developers in India who follow latest m-commerce or e-commerce trends. This would surely help businesses in generating a good revenue in 2019.

Moreover, these are the 10 leading and top ecommerce app developers in India. You can be sure of having an amazing product according to your requirements, If you deliver the development tasks of the retail & opensource e commerce applications to any of these providers.


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