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Leading B2B eCommerce players in the UAE


Online shopping has revolutionized the way people make a purchase. The eCommerce market keeps growing with an augmented number of competitors. Also, in this fast life, hardly anyone has time to go to some brick and mortar store and buy things. Most customers prefer to shop at one click from wherever they are. The world has gone digital and smart devices have become an important part of lives. It surely inspires the hike in online shopping whether it is B2B or B2C. Wholesale eCommerce platform is blooming and the B2B market has consistently grown over the past few years.

It has also affected the Middle East because of its great infrastructural and B2B eCommerce software advancements. Moreover, it is not limited to plastic, synthetics or chemicals due to the oil business. The product types vary and are available in the market in a vast range. Moreover, it includes almost all the regions of the Middle East from Turkey to UAE. Here are the details of some of the leading B2B eCommerce players in UAE:

online b2b ecommerce solution

The Dessert

One of the oldest can be called the first online B2B marketplace, opened the opportunities for trading in the UAE and other neighboring areas to the world. As it is known from older times, its reputation and credibility play a major role in the business. With the passing time, the website has evolved and now it is loaded with countless numbers of products, sellers as well as buyers.

The good thing is, it provides maximum information on its homepage with an elaborated and attractive layout. Whether it is about putting an item for sale or for buy (which is mentioned as ‘wanted’), you can choose the category according to your requirements. Also, it has an interesting tagline that says, ‘Trade can reduce Poverty’. Isn’t it the truth?

Gulf Business

A B2B marketplace that is truly based in the Middle East as most of the business run through Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and of course the United Arab Emirates. The website provides a number of the Middle East and Gulf companies’ names.

You can create an account and use the options like Companies, Products, Buying requests, Trade lists, Selling offers, and other business opportunities. It is believed to be one of the best B2B directories in the Middle East as well as UAE. It can be said that it uses the B2B eCommerce solution for wholesale selling in the right way.

Dubai Traders Online

Although the websites are contemplated to be dedicated only in the UAE, it is one of the popular B2B marketplaces in the region. You can visit the website and know how convenient it is to do business with the help of this online market. You can select business categories, classified categories, and know about products featured on the website.

Moreover, you can also collect information about Business fairs in the UAE. Dubai is the center of great business start-ups along with successful business stories. Not just that, you can search through given option of the location across the UAE and get the desired information. It provides excellent B2B online software solutions along with other details about hotels, restaurants, schools, theatres, tours and travels, real estate and much more.


Togger has an appealing layout and an easy to use website features. It is mostly dedicated to the Middle East and expands to European countries. If a business, based in the Middle East requires or tries to expand its business horizons across Europe, Togger can be a great source of help.

Its tagline is ‘The First Euro-Arab B2B Marketplace’. As soon as you open the website, you will find an abundant range of options to choose from. Also, you can go through the categories given on the left side on the homepage. You can also get the details of top suppliers, top products, as well as buyers’ and shoppers’ guide on Togger. With its wholesale eCommerce website, your task becomes much easier when it comes to B2B deals.

These are some of the most popular and widely used B2B eCommerce marketplaces. It is more known around the Middle East, UAE and neighbor areas. If you are looking forward to making B2B deals in this part of the earth, the information provides above will be greatly helpful.