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Learning from the Competition – How to Get Better Traffic beyond SEO


The traffic that you get to your website is the first point to getting a deal and you put in all kinds of efforts to increase the same. This traffic could be a result of a search carried out on Google, a link on another website or blog, advertisements - organic and paid, social media, referrals and more. You ensure that all the channels that could drive traffic are covered, including optimization of the website, the content, the loading speed and the keyword usage. The strategy can be planned in consultation with a digital marketing agency providing SEO services in India.

Plan Your SEO Strategy with Dedication 

While SEO can get you prominence in the search engine results with the right strategy and the right content, you need to be very focused on giving the right kind of content, using the right keywords and deeply understanding your consumer’s needs. The Google algorithms are even more focused on consumer needs than ever and you will need to do the same. 

Is Your Competition Doing Better?

Your competitors are also likely to get the same traffic that you do and it is up to the consumers to choose. If your competition seems to be doing better than you do, your efforts are probably missing something. There is something that your competitor has that you don’t. It is time you tried to understand the ‘What’. Studying the factors leading to the competitor’s growth while giving your best can get you the lead you desire.

Evaluate the SEO Strategy of Your Competitor

Understanding this will include finding out about the keywords they use and the context they use it in. Is this context more relevant to your consumers compared to how you use them? What makes their content to be picked up by Google for better ranking? Is their description more convincing for the consumer? What are the sources of the visitor – is it through a blog or another website? What type of websites are supporting them? 

All these questions can help you to take a relook and compare your strategy to understand what you might be doing wrong. Partnering with a good digital marketing company specializing in SEO in India, Techmagnate could help you relook at your strategy and fix it for better performance.  

Analyse the Traffic to Competitor’s Website

Select your biggest competitor and pay close attention to its traffic growth. There are tools that can provide you with detailed information about the same. What you need to study is the source of the traffic, particularly if it is not SEO. You can only leave your competition behind if you know the path it is taking and try to get ahead. 

Study the Journey of the Customer

The journey of a customer starts much before landing on the website. It starts with the first contact. Understanding how that contact was made and what about it prompted the consumer to take the next step can give you an idea about the action that you could need to take.

Study the Competitor’s Web Design

This can give you an idea about various triggers to loyalty or abandonment. You can get rich information by analysing the web pages from the competitor’s website. 

  • What in website engages the consumers enough to go on to the next stage?
  • What is the relevance of the content that the competitor has on his website?
  • What is it that generates loyalty and gets the consumer to revisit?
  • At what points do consumers abandon their journey?
  • How is the journey guided with the help of the CTAs?

Answering all these questions about the competition website and reflecting on the design of your own will certainly help you improve your website design to attract more visitors.

Study the Competitor’s Activity

It is important to keep yourself updated with the business activities of your competition. You can measure certain performance indicators to know who is doing better than you? If a competitor in your niche business is attracting more customers, it’s probably worth your extra time and efforts to know what is it that they have and you don’t. 

Look for Other Avenues to Grow

SEO can be tough and you cannot rely on just that to help you grow. You will need to look for other resources to back you up. Once again, you will need to keep track of your competition, this time to see what he is not doing. You must make the most of avenues that have a scope but the presence of competition is missing, 

Compare the Device as the Source of Traffic

It is possible that most of your traffic could be coming from a desktop while the competitor enjoys the benefit of a desktop as well as mobile devices. This information is very valuable as it tells you where you are losing out and it very clearly indicates what you need to work on. Your website will need to be optimized for mobile devices. 

Comparison of strategies and design can only work as a guideline to improving your traffic, but when you employ an agency to provide SEO services India, you can get better guidance towards a strategy for growth.