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Link Building Tactics: The Beginner's Guide


Link building is a very popular SEO technique. The process of acquiring new incoming links (backlinks) from different external websites is known as link building. For improving rankings in search engines, link building plays a crucial role. With a powerful link building strategy, you can receive more backlinks and mentions for your website from other sources. In their link building report, SEO PowerSuite gathered that almost 72% of SEO consultants claim backlinks as a noteworthy ranking factor.


To understand what is Link Building and how it can boost your business, check out the ultimate guide to Link building tactics:

Essential Tactics and Skills


There are multiple white-hat link building methods that have delivered unmatched results. Some of the techniques are the Skyscraper Technique, Guest Blogging, Link Reclamation, etc. Let’s discuss them individually.


a)  Skyscraper Technique

This is one of the most trusted and highly practiced strategies, as concluded in a recent survey on link building tactics. It deduced that 23% of marketing and SEO experts prefer Skyscraper technique over the others. To achieve optimal results, define your plan within the skyscraper module. Analyze the existing backlinks after locating the critical content on SERP. Finally, after crafting engaging content, move forward with email outreach.


b) Guest Blogging

Guest blogging entirely depends on approaching unrelated website owners/ bloggers to publish content linking back to your page. Although, due to the exploitation of this method by publishing automated, low-quality content, Google strictly monitors the quality of the content. Therefore, focus on delivering captivating, original content to gain desirable results.


c)  Link Reclamation

It is crucial for businesses to monitor the traffic brought in by every backlink designed. Moreover, it is important to recover or ‘reclaim’ links that previously pointed to your site. For instance, consider that a certain link redirects to a page that does not exist anymore, you can either create similar content or request the webmaster change the link to a new desired location.


Merits of Link Building


Link building offers several benefits such as:


a)  Brand Building

The more mentions and links you receive from recognized authorities of your industry, the more your business gains recognition. For example, it is advisable to develop content that shows the latest developments in the industry or products, promoting you as a well-informed and dedicated brand.


b) Improved Traffic

Since the beginning of the article, we have stressed the importance of receiving genuine traffic via backlinks. Your company can generate a healthy amount of relevant traffic, boosting your conversion ratio, from backlinks on websites that are apt. However, assistance from the top CRO companies can aid in optimizing your conversion ratio.


c)  Enhanced Credibility

Mentions of your product or brand in a recognized website/blog stand to be of reputational value. Customers tend to trust those companies that have been promoted by high-profile portals. Moreover, with the increasing number of higher end websites and blogs providing backlinks to your site, your overall ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) can drastically improve. It is obvious that whenever a seeker uses search engines, their inclination will be towards the top results.


Building links has proven to be a game-changing player in the field of digital marketing. It primarily depends on employing a combination of available assets, resources, niche, and creativity, as well as adapting the right link building technique out of the numerous available options. The main objective, while creating content and building links, should be to produce something valuable that others find appealing enough to link back.


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