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List of Apps You Should Install When Setting Up A Brand New Laptop

Because there are thousands of apps and each of them comes with a unique set of features and designed to carry out a particular task.

It is great to know that you have finally got a new laptop for yourself! If you see around everyone is using their laptops to do numerous things while you are just sitting around with your bland one. Do not worry, this is how it is supposed to be. But you can surely change that by installing the new apps. When it comes to choosing the apps for a brand new laptop many people find themselves at lost, why? Because there are thousands of apps and each of them comes with a unique set of features and designed to carry out a particular task.

Some of them are used with web designing tools while others are just for browsing and running different things. So, how would choose among the crowd of apps? To make things easier, we have already prepared a list of apps you should totally install.

The Categories of Applications

If observed closely, apps could be categorised in four different sections known as browser apps, productivity apps, speciality apps, and security apps. Let’s get into the details to find more about these categories.

  • Browser apps

There is no doubt the Google chrome is on the top of browser app which is super-fast and has a huge library of chrome extensive. The cross-platform allows users to open multiple desktop tabs on your phone which means you can access the content from anywhere. After all, it is the fantastic browser for a reason.

Just like any other app Google chrome also comes with some faults. Apart from this majority of people want the tracking of Google and it actually takes lots of RAM. The good news is you have plenty of browser apps to choose from like Firefox and Opera.

  • Productivity apps

No matter, for what you are using your laptop for, there is always the need for productive apps to simplify the process. For now, the most advanced productive app is Microsoft office. The tool lets you to easily work with the documents, spreadsheets and PPT whenever you want. Now, if you think that paying for Microsoft office is the only way then, you are wrong and actually far from the truth. If you are a window user then, you can definitely go for the LibreOffice. It is the totally free and powerful suit that comes with amazing alternatives of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Once you get familiar with the LibreOffice you will be flying through your work easily.

  • Speciality apps

Now once you are done with the browser and productivity apps, it is time to set your laptop for your work. This means you need to install apps that are related to your work. This category of apps is known as specialty apps. For many users, productivity apps are those apps they need to enjoy their work. These apps include Photoshop, graphics design tools, web designing tools, web designing software (Xamp, Notepad++, etc.) which are necessary for designers who want to create mobile applications for business growth

  • Security apps

Since you will be working on a personal device you need to add security apps to protect your device. The antivirus software will protect your device in the best way possible by protecting your files from getting corrupted.  

In the end, by installing the mentioned apps you can hopefully turn your laptop into something you need for yourself.


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