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Top Magento 2 Extensions to Boost Store Sales in 2020


Top Magento 2 Extensions to Boost Store Sales in 2020

Magento is the most versatile platform that offers huge flexibility and extensive support to merchants that are ready to set up their online business. In order to modify the outlook and functionalities of your online store, Magento extensions are there to facilitate a variety of options. Now managing a website’s content is more convenient and there are a variety of customized options to meet your unique business needs and increase your store sales.

From a plethora of Magento extensions, choosing those which have more potential to enhance the scope of your business can give you a hard time. We have compiled a list of top leading extensions that will bring your business domain in the spotlight and will provide you leverage against competitors in order to increase sales.

Custom Checkout Fields

Due to ever-increasing risks associated with the security of online businesses, merchants are more focused on verifying the authenticity of their customers. Sometimes the already integrated checkout field is not enough to verify the credentials of customers who are ready to make a purchase. This Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields extension allows introducing additional fields in the checkout page to ask for more information from your customers. Merchants can integrate multiple fields like text area, date, radio buttons, drop-down options, check boxes and much more. They can also limit the exposure of certain fields by limiting them to specific products and categories. In addition, they can restrict their visibility to particular store views and check out steps. Also, customers can view their purchasing data in PDF format shared through email.

Payment Restrictions

Payment gateways have reshaped the entire eCommerce transaction system by offering reliable and rapid services across the globe. However, some payment gateways have certain constraints that forbid to transfer funds to certain regions. Restricting customers from those regions to utilize services of specific payment providers needs to invest serious time and efforts despite that you are making use of this simple to use Magento 2 Payment Restrictions Pro extension.  It offers restricting products shipping facility based on their categories, types, status to certain customer groups or regions.

Shop by Manufacturer

Optimize your website’s navigation by manifesting brands on the top by integrating Magento 2 Shop by Manufacturer extension. Now assist your customers by letting them explore your website more efficiently and reach the intended section of the website effortlessly. Manifest top brands in the shape of a featured slider and enlist brand names into the Home page or Brand listing Page. You can assign a separate page for individual brand products. Also, you can embed a search box affixed by filters for easy direction to the listing page.

In-Store Pickup

Customers tend to be more inclined towards a business domain that facilitates them with splendid offers and has induced seamless services for their customers. Magento 2 In-Store Pickup extension saves customers time and energy by facilitating them to pick their purchased items from the nearest location of your warehouse. The ideal integrated Google maps feature will make your stores prominent on a dedicated store locator page. Customers have the leverage of choosing store pick up as their shipping procedure and can highlight the store’s location nearest to them with date and time for pickup.

Shipping Restrictions

E-commerce businesses have a direct connection with logistics and shipping. Sometimes it becomes hard to transfer products across specific regions because of certain rules and conditions. Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions extension allows restricting product catalog, product categories, and customers based on their geographic locations and much more. Now you can easily optimize your store’s products and increase the pool of satisfied customers.

Size Chart

A manifested size guide along with the listed products is mandatory for an eCommerce store. Customers often make complaints about receiving product with wrong sizing. This hurts the reputation of the store and customers will not prefer to make purchases again from that platform. Magento 2 Size Chart extension allows integrating size guide along your products, hence increasing the chances of conversions and reducing the rate of products returning back. Proper size guidelines can positively impact your online business. Merchants can make changes in the size chart and limit to particular products and manifest it to specific store views. In addition, merchants can showcase the size chart through a pop-up window or manifest it in a new tab.


Magento being the most popular eCommerce platform is currently powering thousands of websites.  Merchants from all around the world are enhancing the scope of their online businesses with the help of most efficient Magento extensions. With magnificent features and extra functionalities, these extensions can take care of most tasks related to your online store. Choosing the extension that fulfills your needs extensively is an overwhelming task. Luckily we have enlisted top Magento 2 extensions that will help to optimize your customer’s experience and drive more sales. For your unique business needs Magento extensions are there to work seemingly in a Magento’s centralized architecture.