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Main Challenges Enterprise Faces while Outsourcing Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is very crucial in helping a company to maintain and retain its client base as well as build credibility.

Main Challenges Enterprise Faces while Outsourcing Customer Support

Tuesday September 17, 2019,

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Customer Service Outsourcing - AI Increasing Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service Outsourcing - AI Increasing Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very crucial in helping a company to maintain and retain its client base as well as build credibility. However, the thing that makes handling customers burdensome to businesses is the fact that offering technical support and customer care as a whole is so demanding and time-consuming. In that, to be able to assist or answer the complaints of each and every customer a company will have to have a 24/7 well-functioning customer service. Not only that, maintaining a fully functional customer care department is becoming a pain for most businesses because this requires being able to constantly upgrade to the latest technologies to be able to meet the ever-changing customer demands.

Fortunately, businesses can now partner with specialized customer service providers to handle that area of their business, so that the company can focus on other aspects of increasing the profit margin. This is called customer service outsourcing. One main reason why a company may prefer getting a specialized company to deal with their customers is the advancements with which these customer service support providers are now deploying to ensure client satisfaction. In precise we are going to see how these companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) to focus on customer satisfaction.

Enhanced self-service for seeking customers

Not all customers want the assistance of a chatbot or support agents; some prefer helping themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes getting to the right piece of information or article that contain the answers to the problem can be time-consuming. So what the companies that offer customer service support have done is that they take advantage of AI and machine learning to help customers quickly find the information they are looking for.

What these service providers do is, with the help of AI, they spend time analyzing, answering and strategically placing the right information at the right stage of the buyer's journey – so that the customer doesn’t have to call the care center when making a decision when shopping. In essence, these technologies play a huge role in helping customers who are non-tech-savvy locate what they need faster as well as alleviate the hassle of having to read through every article before getting to the exact material with answers.

At the least, a company needs to understand well the technological ability of the provider they are looking forward to engaging as their representative to ensure the customer gets the right experience with their brand. Also important to know is that the service support team or company you hire is simply an extension of your brand and does impact the image of your business. This means the customer service outsourcing team that inducts the people who would be standing in on behalf of the company as service providers, need to be professional enough to facilitate the delivery of the bigger goal, which is customer satisfaction.

Improved efficiency for customer support agents

AI and its sister technologies have come onboard right when it is needed. As at current, the customer support industry is cluttered with information and the norm, before machine learning technologies came to picture, was that support agents had to spent over 20 percent of the time they serve a customer in trying to locate the right article with the right information to hand it to the client.

As in, initially, there was no way that an agent could guarantee an instant answer for any product information asked despite the data that was available in the company. What technologies like machine intelligence do is that they can churn through all the available data in the company’s data in seconds, then locate and present the exact fit articles that a support agent needs to help resolve the presented query.

When engaging a customer service support provider, companies need to be selective to ensure their brand is presented well in terms of the service offered. However, it can be quite tricky to interview a service provider when you don’t know the requirements that make a perfect customer service support company.

It is also not safe to rely on your human resource department to contract out technical services like technical support or customer care because it is likely that the hiring official does not understand into details the skill requirement, equipment and industry knowledge that make a perfect service provider. That is where you need to hire customer service outsourcing to help you get the right people with the right technical capacity to take up that sensitive role of representing your brand.

Better tailored support content and information

One thing that has always given companies that have outsourced their support department and upper hand over those that run an internal customer care department is well-tailored content that specifically answers to the customer needs. And this only comes with heavily investing on helpful content as well as machine intelligence technologies to help in the optimization of the available support materials and data.

As in, an in-house support team may not have the capacity to fully specialize; yet this is a basic requirement when it comes to being able to satisfy customers, for obvious reasons such as – the management would rather focus on funding functions that directly earn them profit.

On the other hand, a well-established technical support service provider does all they can in terms of getting the most up to date technologies to make sure they are effective in delivering customer satisfaction. Brands are getting better customer feedback with machine intelligence assisted customer support from providers, through tailored support that has been seen to offer a better solution to the issues presented.

However, the only way a company can fully enjoy the benefits of emerging technologies like AI, machine learning and automation in general, in serving their customers, is getting the perfect provider that has invested in the same technologies. As in, businesses need to engage the right customer service outsourcing team that fully understands the needs of the customer in the specific industry to help locate that potential service provider.

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