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Top 3 Small Business Blogging Myths

When speaking with our clients about starting a business blog, we hear a number of reasons why they don’t have one.

 Interestingly, many of those reasons are really myths. These are the top 3 blogging myths we’d like to dispel:

Myth #1 – Setting up a blog is time-consuming and expensive

A simple business blog can be set up online in a few hours and there are a number of easy to use, free blogging platforms to choose from.

If you are short on time or don’t want to go through the learning curve of setting up a blog, consider hiring a blogging pro to set one up for you. Look for a professional who will streamline the process by defining key elements prior to setting up your blog. It’s that age-old dilemma of, “How do you know what to ask, if you don’t know what to ask?” That’s when the services of an experienced blogger are well worth a few hours of thier time.

Whether you set it up yourself or hire someone, consider a business blog as one of the best long-term investments toward your online business success.

Myth #2 – I can’t write

If you can write an email or a letter to a friend, you can blog. Today, writing content for a business blog is in the format of sharing information crafted in a conversational tone. WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and Tumblr are the top blogging platforms, hosting over 60% of all blogs on the Internet, and each one has built-in tools and support for new bloggers.

As a passionate expert in your field, who better than yourself to write about your business? Most small business blogs are written by their owners, but even enthusiastic employees can pen insightful posts.

Myth #3 – Blogging is a waste of time

Think of a blog as the active, dynamic part of your website. Search engines love fresh content, so your business website will likely see benefits from a regularly updated blog. There is no doubt that keeping a blog current is a commitment – it’s one that builds a loyal and happy customer base plus awesome results on search engine searches.

How often should businesses post to their blog? Here again, there are no rules but in the beginning plan on adding new content to your blog at least once per week. Blog posts of 400 – 500 words are very readable, you can get help with writing papers from special services, but shorter posts are fine as long as you stick to a regular posting schedule.

The biggest hurdle we see preventing business owners from starting up a blog? >> See Myth #1!


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