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How to manage time during Coronavirus Lockdown in India

Make the most of your time during CoronaVirus (Covid-19) Lockdown. Stay positive and use the time for productive activities to enhance your skills.
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It is an unprecedented experience for all Indians during this lockdown period due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost everyone is going through a rough phase and finding it challenging to deal with the abrupt change in lifestyle. Since the numbers of Corona patients are soaring up in India, nobody believes the government is going to lift off the lockdown any time soon. 

What is going on in everyone’s mind is the thought to adopt the change. Maybe the bulk of people seek a disciplined schedule so that they can invest the time in relevant concerns. Our attempt in this content is to direct you to manage time properly during this stay at home span.

Spend quality time with family

When you are presented with the opportunity to stay at home 24/7, you can make it enjoyable with family members around you. Try to involve yourself as much as you can with family discussions. Focus on spreading laughter and taking the same in return. If you used to spend a significant part of your time in office, it is a perfect chance to make it up with family.

Include your effort in making dishes in home

If you are not the regular cook in your house, it is a great time to be a part of it. It takes some profound efforts to make food every day. Still, it is entertaining if all family members work together to cook meals. You can share your knowledge of cooking and any specific recipe, if you know.

Conduct family prayers

During this frightening crisis, it is essential to spend some time worshipping and praying to God. In the evening, gather all family members and pray together to God almighty. A few minutes of prayers and holy contemplation can kill your day long stress and convey peace to everyone’s mind.

Learn New Career skills

In present times digital marketing is one of the hottest industry with high growth potential. You can learn digital marketing course from comfort of your home. Learn the program to grow your skills and implement them in you new job. If you are business owner, learn these new skills to implement in your business. 

Yoga and exercise

In the course of this, lockdown try to keep yourself as much fit as possible. Do an hour of exercise and yoga every day in the morning. It will improve your immunity and make your body less susceptible to the Coronavirus. It will be much better if all family members perform yoga and exercise simultaneously.

Read good books and novels

Reading books is a habit of the highest standard. It expands your intellectual ability and multiplies your wisdom. The more you read, the more your perception gets clearer, and the more you gain knowledge. You can select storytelling books, novels, science-fictional novels, or any other genres of your choice. Reading books for some hour every day is an ideal mental exercise.

Learn new techniques from YouTube

The internet is one of the coolest things you can take advantage of during the current situation. If you have a good internet connection, YouTube is a great platform to spend time while learning new skills and techniques. You can get ideas about a variety of food recipes by watching videos on YouTube. Many other essential and entertaining techniques can be learned from online video streaming platforms like YouTube.

Listen to music and practice dance

Harmonious music is one element to please a pressured mind. When you get extra time, invest it in entertaining yourself. Make your own playlist of favorite songs and keep rolling them one by one. Hearing music will lead your mind to forget the stress of the real world for some time. An addition of dance with music can deliver additional entertainment.

Play Indoor games

It's a great way to get entertained during the quarantine days by playing games like chess, ludo, card games, carom, etc. Make family members your team partners and opponents and accumulate some unforgettable moments. By playing games, you will get to consume some quality time with your family members and create enchanted scenarios. These games are quite exciting and positively influence the mind.

Watch movies and TV shows

Movies are among the topmost constituents that amuse humans when they get bored. Watch new movies with family and experience something new. Movies are morale boosters and work as knowledge gaining ingredients. TV channels are broadcasting a wide range of shows that you can enjoy every day. Additionally, keep updates of the latest news and continuously refresh the Coronavirus information.

Use your time in lockdown wisely, instead of stress and anxiety utilize this time to improve your skills and stay positive. As Napoleon hill said "Every adversity brings with it a seed of equal or greater opportunity". When you think positively you can get many new opportunities in life under any circumstances.

Stay @ Home. Stay Safe.