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Meet this Magento Certified Developer with Inspiring Insights from Magento Community Insider Program


Magento Certified Developer Santosh Kumar Singh Share Interesting Insights about Magento Community Insider Program

Despite earning my certification as Magento Developer back in 2015 my thirst for gaining better insights about Magento was never doused even a bit, It rather grew more and more. The magic of Magento made it more appealing to me with every passing day.

Although my certification proved I have sufficient knowledge and skills to develop Magento based eCommerce websites that fully responsive and robust but I was always keen about how could I make maximum use of it to elevate the existing standard of Magento website thereby making online shopping a breeze. The rise in demands by clients made me dig up about something to further hone my eCommerce website development skills not only from a developers perspective but also from a user perspective. It was then, I was fortunate enough to gain access to this amazing Magento Community Insider Program on behalf of Singsys joining this program.

My excitement took a leap when I found out I have access to below interesting stuff that too from Magento Itself.

Direct access to Magento Commerce source code, sales and marketing resources, and a cloud sandbox account. (My favourite one)
An opportunity to participate in  Magento events and receive more exposure by being featured in the branded content.
To stay updated with all software release information, patches, and tools. (My Second favourite one)
Quick access to Community Insider newsletter to update yourself with hot buzz and latest announcements. (I have now something really valuable to share with my juniors and team up for new challenges)

I was amazed to see how much more there is to explore through the Magento Community Insider Program. I won't be exaggerating if I say, I again fall in love with Magento due to Magento Community Insider Program but this time not mere as an eCommerce store development platform but also as a medium through which I can earnestly contribute  to the success of online merchants towards achieving their goals by providing them dynamic online stores for the best online shopping experience.

Another exciting experience about largest eCommerce ecosystem boasting an active community of 300,000 developers is positive interaction which helped me build better connections and gain important insights that were highly inspiring. We also shared our views on the latest Magento products. If you want to expand as Magento developer then Magento Community Insider Program is an ideal choice and I will be happy to learn about your experience in the comment section. I would request other Magento lovers to share their views on my personal experience.

To sum up my whole experience I would say that today I am happy to explore Magento from inside out and my advice to aspiring Magento developers is approach Magento eCommerce website development as a collaborative process and you will never struggle anytime. Thanks, Magento Community to allow me to learn about Magento from a bigger perspective.


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