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motivational stories to get motivate

you can be someones god

motivational stories to get motivate

Friday January 04, 2019,

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Motivational stories - You can ever become someone's god.

Soon we go home, we forget that some people do not even have a home.

Once upon a time a very wealthy person had to move a little ahead of his expensive car with his office that he saw that a child ran out of the middle of the train.

He was seeing that child that a brick bag falls on his car with a pair, he did not understand that this little kid was throwing a brick cue on my car.

He stops and falls off the vehicle and immediately rushes towards that child, seeing that the child hides behind the trains.

The man pulled that child out and asked if you're rocking the stone at my car?

The child said with great humility that I know that you are feeling very angry with me, you want to beat me, but I do not have to stop the car so I had to hit the brick.

I have been relieving Help Help for so long, I am not listening to any voice, no one is paying attention to me.

That person asked, what's the matter?

Then that little kid said that I was coming with my brother only when a bike hit him, his blood was bleeding.

It is so heavy that I can not even bring him on the road, just like I did it on the side of the road, I'm blocking people so that they help me but they are not stopping, help me.

No one was listening to me, so I had to hit the brick.

This person, who was delayed to go home, went to see the child's brother with him.

That child and that person both helped and placed him in the car.

His car was damaged by blood stains, but he took him to the hospital.

The child's brother was kept in an emergency ward.

When the doctor said that this child is out of danger then let's go home to this person.

This time the speed was very slow and I could not understand what happened with them.

The car went on and saw the broken glass on which the stone was shaped, the entire mirror was broken, but he thought that I would not make it. This broken mirror would tell me repeatedly that in life there would be so much Do not be stern, remember the life of a brick, someone is waiting for your help.

Conclusion: -

Life wants to talk to you, speaks something in your ears, but we do not pay much attention.
Then it starts coming in the light of life.
That is why I say help you never know when God will send you somebody as God.
Let's help each other, let's move on.

Let us tell you how this motivational story is telling us so that we continue to write such a story further, and do not forget to share it.

Thank you.