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New Year's Cruises And Sydney’s Popular Fireworks

Learn if the hype about New Year's Eve cruises in Sydney is worth the talk. We list not one but many reasons on why to choose one right away…

New Year's Cruises And Sydney’s Popular Fireworks

Friday September 13, 2019,

3 min Read

When it comes to a New Year's night in Sydney, the first thing that comes to your mind is the popular midnight fireworks by the harbour. With great waterfront options and stunning NYE cruises, New Year's Eve celebrations in Sydney are done with great style. But is it worth the hype? Decide for yourself as we walk you through the elements that a New Year's Eve cruise in Sydney offers:

Light your night

We can't do justice to NYE cruises on Sydney Harbour if we don't start with this one. With stunning pyrotechnics displays second to none world over, Sydney matches all expectations with its spectacular NYE celebrations. Why do we choose to see it from a cruise? Not only will you escape thronging crowds on the harbour, you'll also have a stash of pictures that are sure to get your Insta heart meters going right away! Sydney has not one but two fireworks going on the night - the more the merrier comes true here. Views to die anyone? 

A culinary journey to remember

High-end dining is a surefire inclusion on board all New Year's Eve fireworks cruises in Sydney. With choices as varied as elaborate eight-course degustation menu to a deluxe three-course dinner with multiple choices, a treat for your taste buds is on the way. All menu options come with a choice of dessert and drinks to finish off your night in a high note, quite literally! Sourced from the freshest ingredients and prepared on board, NYE cruises set the bar quite high when it comes to waterfront dining in Sydney. Indulge the right way this NYE! 

Right venue is everything 

Nothing beats a great venue with a change of scenery. No we're not talking about a far-off mountain or beach venue either! An NYE cruise on the stunning Sydney Harbour offers you just that right in the heart of the city. With cruises as long as seven to eight hours, it is as good a getaway as any, bang in the city's heart. With venue choices varying from paddlewheelers oozing old-world charm to premium glabb boats that talk of luxury right from the word go - save your time on travel and get a great start to the year the right way! 

Photographer's pleasure

With popular New Year's Eve fireworks cruises positioned in the prime fireworks viewing area each year, the photographer in you is sure to be bombarded with not one many a million photo ops. Click away stunning pictures of every bit of the pyrotechnics being displayed on the harbour from your vantage point. With your NYE cruise also being a great subject for your pictures, what with premium interiors and fancy food plantings, it's a photographer's paradise for sure. All this without the hassle of teeming crowds blocking your view… it doesn't get any better than this right? 

With all this being said, there'll be no doubt left in your mind as to why New Year's cruise on Sydney Harbour manage to sell like hot cakes well in advance of the celebration. A word to the wise: Owing to popular demand and limited seats, NYE cruises in Sydney are available on early bird prices only for a limited duration. Best to book early and save more! So don't wait up… A New Year's Eve celebration with memories that'll last for a lifetime awaits!