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Online Dating; Digital Trend Millennials Want To Hold On To


Being a millennial I seriously can’t thank the almighty enough for this mind-blowing concept; online dating. Only if you are living under a rock, you might not know that, around one in every four relationships start online now. Among millennials, the number is likely to be even higher. You no longer experience any individual’s eye-rolling when you suggest them to date online. Even share your own experiences. I have some strong reasons to justify my claim.

Firstly, the world is continuously changing its conventional mindset when it comes to dating. It has become more accepting towards this new idea of finding love and building valuable relationships. Secondly, millennials are used to a lifestyle that never supports a traditional concept. Millennials are all about change and revolution, and so is the millennial dating culture.

So one of the trending aspect that I want to discuss in this blog is one of my favourites, online dating(obviously). Let us get to the core of why most of the people. Specially millennials are so attracted and influenced, by the notion of developing a bond with someone on a dating app.

Privacy; Regaining The Fallen Concept                     

Dating surely is difficult when everyone around you wants to know everything about you. But that is not the issue I am concerned about. What I am worried about is, the bombardment of those never ending serious personal questions you need to go through. And all of those questions are not even about you. But the person you are dating, and the process my friend is exhausting! You obviously don’t want your mom to know every single detail about your fling, am I right or am I absolutely right?

And that is why I believe online dating apps are everyone’s best bet. It is an intimate field where you can date anyone you want, without letting anyone know about it(especially your mom). You can easily enjoy your extremely relaxed and personal dating life.

Living in an era where asking your friends to hook you up on a date, is not embarrassing but archaic! When the digital advancement has made it possible for everyone to be absolutely independent. Asking someone to fix your dating life is a little outdated(and by little, I mean completely outdated). Online apps, have made it possible for an individual to completely separate the personal and professional life. 

Variety; Add A Little Spice To Your Life

What is life without a little diversity?

Are you following a very simple and monotonous lifestyle?

I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with preferring an indistinguishable lifestyle. But there is just a little tiny bit of advice I would like to share. If you are used to the usuals, you will get bored(eventually). You need to burst that bubble you have covered yourself in, if you want to experience the most amazing life.

Now what millennials do is that, they constantly keep a check on themselves. They ensure that they are not prohibiting and confining themselves and their experiences. So they burst the bubble as soon as it forms.

Picture it in this way; people are not willing to limit their adventures. They are not satisfied with just one single conventional dating bubble, instead they want to experiment. They want to meet more like minded people. They want to choose the perfect one, well not customary perfect but the kind of perfect that they want and are comfortable with; the right one!

And can the art of traditional dating provide you with variety?

I fear not, and that is why more and more people now prefer finding the right one through online dating apps. I think it is absolutely an intelligent move. I mean, why wait for your destiny fo find you the right one, just create your own destiny. Go meet all those connections you always wanted to.                       

Connections; Focus On Building Long Lasting Bonds   

No matter how hard you try, there is a very slight chance that traditional dating boundaries will allow you to find a true connection. I am not saying this without giving it a very serious thought. Let me explain.

This era of continuous and hectic lifestyle, that we have happily adopted. We don’t even stop for a minute to catch a breath. Hence, we tend to ignore the most important fact that binds this entire human race, connections! This hectic life style makes it almost impossible to cultivate new and long lasting relationships. People often forget how it feels like, to have someone to hold your sanity when you are feeling down. The thing is that they want that one valuable relation. They just don’t have enough time, and the chances are even lesser with the traditional dating concept.

Millennials on the other hand, move with the technology, we always have. Now people can experience that true connection, the type they want to cultivate, according to their preferences. This has only been made possible because of the technique millennials have adopted;

If you can’t mould the lifestyle you are in, to find connections, then mould the way you find those connections.    

Break-Ups And The Subtle Art Of Moving On

Well break-ups sucks, period. I think I am just the right person to explain how it feels like. If I could create a better name for break-ups, I would call it- homosapien’s personal blackhole. Why? Because just like a blackhole, break-ups drain you of all you light, all your energy, and sadly all your love. I am not saying that we should carry on a dead relationship, when it is just best to leave. But I can’t ignore the feeling that every single one of us go through during that phase. It is almost like hitting the rock bottom.

If one door shuts, you need to open the another one. Now I know you have heard that, the another door opens on its own, but no it doesn’t, it’s 2019.

No miracle is going to save you unless you want to take charge of your own life, and millennials are all about independence. After they are done mourning over a bad relationship, they move on. They don’t want to depend on anyone, but themselves. That is why they trust online dating so much, as it gives them power to make decision for themselves.           


In the end, I don’t want to stress on anything else but the fact that it is a boon, for people who are in search of love and that feeling of belongingness(aren’t we all). There is no other feeling greater than surrounding yourself with the positivity of a like minded person.

Online dating makes the entire process so much easier, and you know what else makes it easier? A good dating application!

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