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Opportunities for New Entrepreneurs: 5 Startup Contests

A new entrepreneur can participate with his business idea in these contests and start his business winning a prize or taking help from the organizers.

Opportunities for New Entrepreneurs: 5 Startup Contests

Monday May 27, 2019,

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Entrepreneurship is not just a business, but it also involves the challenge of resolving the problem, making a positive difference in the life of the people. In the world, various programs, workshops, and conferences are organized to encourage entrepreneurs. Competition is being selected by the best entrepreneurs and innovative ideas.

Maybe you have a great business idea on your head. But you can’t move due to lack of necessary counseling and capital. Finding the flaws of thinking or getting investment support - both can be possible by participating in the competition. There are several 'startup competitions' or entrepreneurs' competition in the international arena. Know the news of such five contests.

1. Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge

Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge

The Netherlands Development Agency Dutch Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge has been organizing the world's largest competition in the sustainable entrepreneurial sector since 2007. Green start-up or environmentally friendly enterprises of any country can participate in this competition. In this case, www.greenchallenge.info- can be submitted through this website without any type of fee. After the expiry time of the submission of the idea, the authorities select 25 ideas and publish them, each of which has the best opportunity to go to 5. The winner of the competition is 500,000 euros. The runner-up gets 200,000 euros and the remaining three get 100,000 euros. Apart from the prize money, you also get the opportunity to take six months of training from five competing experts participating in the final episode. But the meaning of the reward is not given together at all. Because, after an organization called Don Foundation, after the end of the contest, the best five participants have watched for a long time. Based on the progress of work through the monitoring system, the foundation decides when and how much money will be allocated.

2. Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA)

Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

Global Student Entrepreneurs Award are given Students Associated with Business as well as Studies in Colleges or Universities. After the competition in local and national levels, a contestant has passed the final round of the award. Application for this contest is not considered when the startup is less than six months. This competition is entirely for undergraduate students. At least two thousand students more than 60 states are competing for the prize and their business considers themselves. As a result of this competition, various services of the business are offered as well as cash. In the final stage, the winner receives $25,000 in cash plus $40,000, which includes travel and other costs. The second and third place participants are getting $10000 and $5000 respectively.

3. G-Startup Worldwide

G-Startup Worldwide is a global startup (enterprise) competition, through which the innovative initiatives of the world in the initial stage are found and distributed among them $ 1 million. Apart from this, these potential prospects are also brought under global networking support. In this competition, special emphasis is given to all innovative products that can bring a positive change in the world. After the Regional Competition Episode, the best 10 contestants compete among the best initiatives in different regions of the world. The main winner of this contest is getting $250000 for investment. To assess the competitors, one of the best venture capitalists and accelerators in the world is included in the Regional Panel. This creates a successful opportunity for entrepreneurs with a network of investors.

4. Rice Business Plan Competition

Rice Business Plan Competition

The world's biggest competition for graduate students is called Rise Business Plan Competition. Competitors from other countries of the world can also participate in this competition organized in the United States. But at least one founding member of the participating team must be a graduate student. The competition was organized by JC H. Johns Graduate School of Business and Rice University's Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship joint venture. By participating in the competition, there is an opportunity to get advice from various investors and experienced entrepreneurs; Apart from this, a field of three-day long networking with the venture capitalists of the world was ensured. The competition for the initial stages of the initiative. The competition was held in four categories.

• Biological Sciences / Medical Devices / Digital Health

• Digital / Information Technology

• Energy / Clean Technologies / Sustainability or Stability

• Other Innovations

The total amount of cash worth more than $1.5 million is valued and investment is divided between the top 42 teams of the competition.

5. Startup World Cup (SWC)

Startup World Cup (SWC)

The Startup World Cup is a global meeting and competition, which brings the world's top startups, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and technocrats to a stage of the CEO's renowned CEOs. Before the final episode was held, more than 40 regional episodes were held in the world at the startup World Cup. Through this competition, startups have the opportunity of networking with potential investors. Apart from corporate partnerships, there are various industry experts in attendance. The prize money is one million US dollars. Through this World Cup, investors from different countries of the world also find new ideas and invest in it. Above all, it turns out to be a mix of almost all types of of the whole world business.