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How I Rediscovered My Life Amidst Global Pandemic

How I Rediscovered My Life Amidst Global Pandemic

With every hardship comes the ease, it is all about the matter of time that heals everything gradually but eventually. What’s important is the fact how you manage to make the lemonade out of the lemons being thrown at you by life.

Amidst the stressful contagion going around the globe, with hundreds of negative thoughts and lost hopes also accompanies tons of positivity. All you need to do is, learn and grow through it.

Surprisingly, this pandemic brought a new side of me which even I wasn’t aware of. I started to discover a lot of hidden flairs that were probably meant to come out at the right time. Here’s how I am learning and growing through this phase

Leaning into Spirituality

One of the worst cons of this modern era is that we are entirely trapped in artificial luxuries. We have forgotten the nature, the creator and the blessings we have been showered upon.

This self-isolation period helped me resume my meditating process where I used to talk to God in my prayers. I learned how serene is this time to solely depend on HIM and breathe in the silence with utmost positivity. The best part is that with the inner peace developing through meditation, I feel enjoying a calm and peaceful sleep as well. Moreover, I am definitely noticing my bond getting stronger with the creator and that is all one needs.

Intact Prodigality

Life is beautiful even without the unwanted luxuries that we keep hustling for. I realized that I could save a lot more money and that too on a daily basis just by cutting off some miserable eating and shopping habits.

I cried myself to sleep when someone really needy asked help for the grocery as they couldn’t manage things during the lockdown. What surprised me was that their one month’s grocery costs equal to a single handbag or dress I purchase (which is not even needed sometimes).

In just a period of 15 days, I was certain that it’s nothing but nature’s way of telling us the priorities and making us realize the bounties we have been blessed with.

Health Is Precious

According to The Wall Street Journal, it is highly important to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the current pandemic.

The outbreak made me realize the importance of a healthy immune system. Those forced protein power breakfasts, evening juices and timely water intake reminders by Maa and Baba started making sense.

I remember trying all the possible ways to run out from the regular exercise sessions at my school because it used to hurt, it seemed boring and tiring. But today, I am extremely thankful for not being able to escape. I realized how healthy immune systems are combating with the deadly virus and coming back stronger. And with the realization thankfully I have grown healthy eating habits as well.

Family is everything

I know, you probably have heard it a thousand times by everyone but the current situation of the world where everyone is asked to practice social distancing and stay back at their homes is a reminder that no matter whatever the world goes through, the only ones you have by your side at the end are your own family members. Where your friends and relatives actually fear human interaction, it’s the family that has held the things together both emotionally and practically.


The famous martial artist and a renowned Chinese actor Jet Li took over twitter to help people set their priorities right. He quoted, “You are killing yourself for a job that would replace you within a week if you dropped dead. Take care of yourself”.

I simply loved what he said. The minute before I read this tweet, I was pretty much confused and concerned about the income and expenses but as soon as this sank in, I was certain that being in a self-quarantine is the need of the time. My health must be my first priority no matter what.

Staying at home and doing whatever you love is the best therapy for current times. CNN reported how people are making the most of this time and rediscovering their long-lost hobbies to make a productive effort out of this epidemic.

The Bottom Line

I don’t know about anyone else, but at least I am sure that I am going to cherish this time forever that allowed me to rediscover not only my inner strengths but also gave me a much-needed wakeup call to realize things that actually matter. Make sure you don’t miss the chance either and along with a handsome share of rest you also spend your days being productive and rediscovering yourself.