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Why a SaaS Ecommerce Platform is the best choice for your T-shirt Business


The T-shirt industry is booming and selling your t-shirts online is becoming a popular choice for beginners as well as large scale businesses. If you already have your own t-shirt business, it is important for you to understand that entering into the ecommerce industry is a very competitive game. If you want to achieve success in the online industry, you need to ensure that your store has unique offerings and stands out from the crowd. 

It may sound like a daunting process but a SaaS ecommerce platform can help you BIG TIME. 

Well, before understanding the importance of ecommerce for your t-shirt business, let’s quickly understand three pillars of online business success.

Three Pillars to succeed in online t-shirt industry

Selling t-shirts is no rocket science but the increasing competition reduces the business volume and profit. The idea is to differentiate your business with the help of these three pillars and achieve success with an ecommerce platform. 


1. Attracting the customers

If you enter into the t-shirt business and think of competing with the t-shirt giants and other well-funded competitors, you will land nowhere. 

This first pillar, therefore, is niche. This is all about finding your speciality and working to attract shoppers to your t-shirt business. Like do not just sell t-shirts but sell t-shirts for fitness enthusiasts or bodybuilders, or anything alike. So, the first pillar is to create a niche. 

Just like “Life is Good” company has done it. They are the leaders in selling optimistic t-shirts in the USA. Today, the company has over 4500 stores in more than 30 countries. Similarly, FUBU is an apparel company that tried to sell clothing and hats to everyone, but later switched to the niche of hip-hop culture and succeeded. 

The t-shirt niche will help you target specific customers and provide clear opportunities to launch the products on an ecommerce platform. Start focusing on your niche from the first day and be a leader in that space. 

2. Sales conversion

Even if you have selected your niche, it is important to market it well among your potential consumers. Start concentrating on product design & differentiation, it will bring sales. The niche-focused products should have good quality too – and it will prove to be the second pillar of success.

3. Getting repeat sales 

In ecommerce, repeat customers lead the business like no one else. So, the third obvious pillar of success is to make repeat sales on an ecommerce platform.

A customer who has placed over 3 orders from your business is considered as a loyal customer and likely to spend more than a new buyer. 

Putting this in the context of an online t-shirt business, the visitor will be attracted to one of your product design and order one t-shirt. When it is delivered, the product is comfortable, nicely printed, and becomes one of the favorites. Now on their second website visit, this customer is sure about the product quality and tends to order three t-shirts instead of only one. 

The catch here is the “TRUST OF CUSTOMERS”.

When your niche is created, get excellent designs, and deliver with good quality logistics to ace the game of ecommerce platforms and online industry. 

How to Achieve Three Pillars of success

T-shirt business has an enormous market and growing too fast. It is not just casual wear, but clothing that reflects the interests, identities, and personalities of the consumer. 

Considering the huge market and growth scope, it is important for you to cater to the pillars of success. And it can be achieved by implementing a SaaS ecommerce platform. 

Know Why?

It offers a turnkey solution to build and run online stores. They  allow online business owners to manage their products, website, sales, and other business operations without little or no technical knowledge. 

Using the platform can provide best-in-class online shopping experience to your customers, preferred payment methods, easily searchable products and much more.

SaaS ecommerce platforms have huge benefits for your business profitability and will be one of the best business decisions for your company.

Businesses have to change when customers change. To adopt best practices and make your business more agile, you need to understand how a SaaS ecommerce platform can help your t-shirt business grow faster and better…!!

Why is it the best choice for your t-shirt business?

Let you focus on your core business operations

The selection of software reflects your business priorities. We are sure you will not ever want to prioritize managing software upgrades, server maintenance, limitation of resources, insecure payments, delayed orders, and above all, worst customer buying experiences. 


Yes, it is scary to realize that there are an end number of tasks other than focusing on your business success. Now, it is your choice between managing your own infrastructure for ecommerce or getting a readymade platform that will do everything you need to sell online. 

The point is - Travelling to San Francisco does not require you to buy an airplane. You just have to select a specialized airline that serves your purpose.

Hope this analogy helped. In a similar manner, a SaaS ecommerce platform allows your business to focus on important factors that actually drive success – like operational efficiencies, retail innovation, better customer experience. Moreover, your IT department can work on innovating your business and give it a competitive edge rather than just maintaining the server infrastructure. 

Faster implementation of business processes through integration

You don’t want to worry about web servers, database, website downtime, load balancing etc. Choosing a SaaS ecommerce platform sets you free from all these hassles and also, takes a very minimal time to implement and integrate the solutions. Start selling more and earning more with a full-fledged ecommerce solution. 

The reason for quick implementation is that SaaS has pre-integrated tools and systems. You just have to cherry-pick the required ecommerce capabilities and get going. It also offers optional add-ons or extensions to connect your ecommerce platform with different SaaS applications. 

Scale your business during peak sales

Every season is not the same, you have ups and lows in business. But the best strategy is to scale during peak season and leverage the sales in that period. 

For example, if you are in the toy selling business, you can expect your peak sales season during holiday drive in December. In fact, there will be no surprise if you get half of your annual sales in these 1 or 2 months of the year. 

Well, you need to have the required capabilities to scale your business during peak time, or you will lose a lot of business revenue. SaaS ecommerce platform makes your scaling process very easy. It manages the heavy website load and customer requests very well. And also, allows you to be worry-free about the product fulfilment, inventory management, customer experiences and a lot more. 

Well, your one-stop ecommerce solution will cost you probably less than a single sale on your website during peak season.

Better returns on investment

The SaaS world relies on ROI and most of the decision-makers consider it for finalizing their purchase decision. And why not? Determining ROI before making any changes in business is the right thing to do. 

Well, the true return on investment for SaaS ecommerce platform cannot be quantified but you could use the below-given formula to calculate returns of the software. It will not yield the exact representation of your ROI but surely help you to get an overview of the returns.

Formula for ROI percentage - (Revenue from new site - Revenue from old site) * 100 / Total Investment

Ecommerce works on improving effectiveness and efficiency and the solution on SaaS often provides a better return on investment as compared to other platforms. 

SaaS drastically reduces many upfront costs that are spent on software licenses, hardware and other infrastructure requirements for an on-premise platform. The customization costs are also reduced with point and click configurations and best inbuilt practices within the applications.

Moreover, SaaS tends to reduce the adoption cost by making the platform adoption easier and faster. In short, it helps your business get more returns with a minimal investment. 

Still not sure about the selection?

There is no doubt that SaaS ecommerce platform is the best choice for your t-shirt business as it helps you run an online store in the easiest manner and reap better returns on investment too. You can create a complete ecommerce website with multiple products, categories, powerful order and reporting system, and all that comes with integrated marketing tools to help you reach your target customers.


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