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Sarvesh Pancholi From DigiHakk Shares Digital Marketing Trends to Consider in 2020


Image Credit: Sarvesh Pancholi (DigiHakk)

The year 2019 is ending soon, and with the change in the year, digital marketing trends are changing too. We can compare digital marketing with a landscape that every year painted fresh. Neglecting these new digital marketing trends is similar to residing under a stone for any digital marketer, which is not the ideal option. 

Sarvesh Pancholi, who is the Founder of DigiHakk, has shared digital marketing trends to consider in 2020 that you can check. Let’s dive into these trends!

  • Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence was introduced with the aim of producing intelligent machines for doing tasks such as reasoning, learning, making decisions, problem-solving, and so on. 

No doubt, AI will surely bring a major change in digital marketing. Chatbots are a major example of AI implementation. Chatbots have totally reformed the messaging experience for marketers as well as consumers.  

The year 2019 has observed a big boom in chatbots demand by many eCommerce storekeepers. In the year 2020, AI will definitely gain more importance in serving digital advertisers worldwide who desire to convey a correct message to correct the client at the perfect time. In 2019 many industries have utilized chatbots, but in 2020 it will turn into a necessity. 

  • Video Advertising 

Earlier text advertising was given much importance, but presently this is not the case. Now, video advertising is much in trend, and you can observe its popularity, YouTube has to turn out to be a greater search engine as compared to Google. 

Videos have allowed the watchers to comprehend each and every information in a much better way. In addition to this, it likewise improves user engagement as well as guarantees better ROI. Till 2020, approximately 80% of consumer traffic (online) is expected to be only from videos. 

  • Content Marketing 

There are numerous sorts of content, such as blog posts, videos, eBooks, images, and so on. Content marketing is something that will surely help you in getting countless new users. 

Not only this, it will likewise help you in providing enough knowledge to users regarding how to make use of a product, benefits of product, and answer numerous other queries clients come across. 

A better-drafted content will help users in making a better decision as well as helps them in knowing more about the product. This is quite vital if you want users to buy your products or services. 

In 2020, its vital that organizations put resources into content creation so as to get a large number of users and to improve the selling market. 

  • Voice Search 

Voice search enables clients to quest internet vocally with fewer efforts, and no doubt it’s becoming quite common. It plays an imperative role in giving all pertinent information persons are actually looking for. AI is simply getting more and smarter, and mistakes made by common voice assistants such as Alexa as well as Google has decreased. 

Implementing a strategy of voice search is not only about staying relevant. Apart from that, it likewise about creating a unique and improved client experience that, in turn, will foster connections as well as build product loyalty. 

  • Social Media Stories and Live Videos 

Stories, as well as live videos, enable one to communicate straightforwardly with the audiences. Your followers or supporters might miss or overlook the posts since there are numerous posts, they have in their news feed. The major benefit of stories as well as live videos is that they show up on top of posts. Also, visual components around the stories persuade clients to click on the same and look at the stories. 

Even live videos watch time has also increased significantly. The best thing is that live videos on different social platforms will simply keep your large number of audiences engaged, and also, they produce higher collaborations when compared with single posts. 

  • Personalization

No doubt, every person wishes to feel as if they are unique. That’s the truth! The 2020 year will be the time of personalized advertising. These days clients are clear in hopping the ad, which they feel is not associated with them. In such a case, personalize them so as to turn clients towards the business. 

It’s a perfect tool that you can use in order to tune the experience of the client to the following higher level. Personalize your viewers simply by sending a personalized email – the one that portrays product recommendations, social media messages, etc. 

Final Insights 

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and it helped you in knowing more about the top digital marketing trends to consider in 2020. If you are running a business, then its important for you to think about the present marketing trends as well as stay updated with the latest marketing trends.