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7 Quick Lead Magnets To Increase Your Email Opt In Rate

There are many quick and easy lead magnets to pump up your email opt in rate. There is simply no reason to miss out on a strong email signup CTA for your business!

7 Quick Lead Magnets To Increase Your Email Opt In Rate

Tuesday November 05, 2019,

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"Bandwidth issues" is common jargon in the business world. Most marketing and business leaders know that an email signup form with a lead magnet would be very useful towards potential customer engagement. But there are 'bandwidth issues'. Amidst the plethora of tasks they are working on, they haven't gotten around to creating a good lead magnet. And so when I visit their website for a growth marketing audit, I find there is none or a very flimsy email signup CTA.

But there is a remedy.

(don't know what an email signup with lead magnet is all about? read here)

There are many lead magnets that are very low effort and quick to make. And possibly they can be delegated to a junior resource in the company with some overview from a senior member.

7 Low Effort & Quick Lead Magnet Ideas To Increase Your Email Opt In Rate

Recycle existing content

convert a series of blog posts, QnAs or articles into a downloadable eBook / email course / whitepaper. And if you have covered a particular topic exhaustively on your website (or you can aim to do so) then you can compile the ULTIMATE guide on the topic. Boom goes your email opt in rate!

Share in-house templates and process documents

you will already have many in-house process documents and templates. It could be your typical strategy mind map or content calendar spread sheet or recruitment process. Consider the ones that you actually use to do client work. Give them out for free download. Or even better, give out a part of them as a sneak peek preview of your paid product. It becomes great teaser content for your potential customer. If they are on the fence about purchasing your service or product, this could convert them.

Create lists

create downloadable lists and checklists relevant to your business. An e-com store could share Christmas shopping lists. Fitness businesses can create preparation checklists before running a marathon. Personalize them for better opt in rates! For example, a marathon running checklist for teenagers, women, men, aged folk would be a little different from each other. With little effort you have 4 different and personalized lead magnets.


create a domain specific calendar which would be useful for your customers. You could also offer a printed version of it for a low cost. The fun part - if you brand it well (not too much, not too little), you could be in their feed for the entire year through automated calendar updates.

Online calculator

For some businesses it would make sense to offer a calculator. For example, finance brands into loans can provide simple spreadsheet templates that help calculate loan interest or optimal term duration and such. A lot of brands already offer automated calculators on their website and they work wonderfully well to generate leads from incoming traffic. These downloadable spreadsheets could be in addition to those calculators or the topic could be slightly different from the main ones.

Specific newsletter

A lot of the email opt in CTAs are for subscribing to the newsletter. However, these CTAs are often very flimsy because it is not clear WHY one should signup for this newsletter. Will the visitor get anything better than a marketing push from your business? Design your newsletter such that it gives something valuable to the visitor every time. The frequency could be low, like a monthly email. But ensure that the newsletter value proposition is clear. And then highlight this value prop in your email signup CTA.

And lastly (maybe the best one),

Discounts & Time Bound Urgency

We use this tactic for generating sales and social media contests. And similarly for email opt in. 'Daily 2 subscribers will get a discount coupon'. 'Sign up now and receive a discount coupon'. 'The first 50 signups for the day get a free something'. 'Spin a wheel and sign up to see what you have won'.

The list goes on...

What is clear is that your email sign up CTAs cannot be mundane.

There are so many very quick and easy ways to just pump things up a bit. Don't miss out on this!

Is there some other reason you haven't got on the email signup with lead magnet wagon? Tell me about it! I am working on a efficient marketing series of blog posts and will offer smart solutions for your growth marketing challenges there.