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How Should SMBs take Decision Post Covid 19? Must Read

To avoid this confusion between important and urgent task and wasting their couple of days or weeks in just thinking of with which task to start with, I want to tell them about The Eisenhower Matrix helps them prioritize their tasks.

In my latest conversation with SMEs regarding their Branding and Marketing challenges, I found them they are very much scared of market, industry or post covid reactions on their businesses. When I asked them, what is they are afraid of they answered that “They are confused between the tasks to perform 1st and task to be performed 2nd “actually, they want to first perform the task which will help their businesses to come out of the impact of Covid 19 fast but they don’t know how to identify those tasks.

Before I explain them how to identify the tasks to be performed 1st or 2nd, I explained them small difference between important task and urgent task.

Urgent means that a task requires immediate attention. These are the to-do’s that shout “Now!” whereas Important tasks are things that contribute to our long-term mission, values, and goals.

To avoid this confusion between important and urgent task and wasting their couple of days or weeks in just thinking of with which task to start with,  I want to tell them about The "Eisenhower Matrix" which is also known as the Urgent-Important Matrix, helps them prioritize their tasks based upon their urgency and importance.

This will also allow them to identify tasks that they should either delegate or leave undone.

Quadrant 1: Do First thing Post Covid 19

In this Quadrant write those tasks which is urgent and important. These are the tasks which are very much critical for your business and can’t be avoided and have to be finished as soon as possible. Ensure that your focus, energy, time, dedication and priority is towards these tasks because if these tasks are left undone it may badly impact your business and may result negative for your business.

Eg: Replying to your client’s email, Taking decisions on the Cash Flow, Communication with high value clients, Delivering long pending orders, etc.

Quadrant 2: Decide When after Post Covid 19

In this quadrant write those tasks which are important but not urgent. These are the task in which you will be investing maximum of your time post covid 19, these are the task which are connected with your mission and long term goals, may be for now they are not urgent but to reach your vision or goals these are the super important task. These are the task which should keep you ahead of your competitors.

Quadrant 3: Start Delegating the Task Post Covid 19.

In this quadrant you have to write those task which are urgent but not important, tasks which you can delegate to your team and doing this will make you focus on the task which are important or which are important and urgent both means you have to focus more on the task which is listed under Quadrant 1 and Quadrant 2

Quadrant 4: Eliminate the task Post Covid 19

Honestly, you want to avoid quadrant 4 tasks. These tasks are simply a waste of your time, and they should be eliminated. If you are able to identify and eliminate all of your quadrant 4 tasks, you will free up some much-needed time to invest in your quadrant 2 tasks.


Before lockdown is over you should ready with the list of all the tasks and distribute them among 4 stages and then start the action as soon as lockdown gets over. This will help you in increasing your productivity and will help you in taking right decision at right time.

Good Luck


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