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Social Media Marketing Tips For 2019 To Make Your Brand Stand Out

Learn from what others are doing, but don’t just copy their content - try to give it a better spin. Or do something completely new and crazy.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Since its inception in the dark ages of 1997, Social Media has taken over our lives. It may have started out as a platform for people to keep in touch, but has now evolved into one where all things marketing happen. Not only do people promote their crafts and themselves on these platforms, but businesses have been increasingly using them too.

If you’re just starting out with your business, you’d naturally be tempted to use this ever efficient means of promotion. The deal, however, is about making yourself stand out in a sea of brands fighting for the limelight. This is how you can do it:

1. Master Every Domain

The very first step towards Social Media dominance would be to establish a presence on the most heavily used platforms i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. These come first because of their massive user base. You’ll get decent attention even when you’re just starting out. The trick is to hold it and build your audience.

For that, you need to understand the intricacies of these websites. Only then can you come up with relevant content for them. Learn from what others are doing, but don’t just copy their content - try to give it a better spin. Or do something completely new and crazy.

2. Ace The Unexplored

The real game begins when you start venturing out into the unexplored realms. Social media platforms like Snapchat may be used by brands but they haven’t quite mastered it yet - except a good few, of course. This effectively means that they have seeped into the circles where their advertising isn’t seen as shallow, but actively sought out or appreciated. These kinds of platforms could prove to be very handy for your brand promotion.

3. Stay Relevant

Establishing yourself on a medium is as much about being yourself as it is about reaching out to your audience. So don’t hesitate to swing the conversation back to you - as subtly as you can. Conversely, you should also make it a point to show that your brand or company is made up of humans who indulge in celebrations and hangouts as well. Let your amazing work culture show.

4. Stay Consistent

There just isn’t a shortcut for this one. You need to be up and online every single day - you need to plan out calendars. People check their Facebook around 14 times a day - meaning if you aren’t consistent enough with your content - you are likely to get buried in their feeds.

5. Hit The Right Notes

Arguably the most important aspect in all of this is the kind of content you post. Because setting up calendars can only get you as far if your posts are not hitting where they should. Balance out with funny posts, emotional posts, informative posts and other kinds of things like pictures and polls.

Social media is all about keeping up with the trends and using them to your aid. Almost all brands are out there doing their thing. The real challenge is to rise above the rest. And it’s certainly possible when you aim higher and play smart.