Software Development Trends That Will Boost Your Business

Software Development Companies are keeping themselves updated with the latest software and IT trends.

Softlabs group
18th Jul 2019
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Every year, due to updates and enhancements in software product development technologies, new technology trends are rising.

Software trends are consistently updating because of the extreme demand for new technologies. From fashion industry to education sector, every industry chases new software development trends and stay up-to-date as well. Of course, Software Development is one of those fields which is upgrading at an incredibly fast pace in this world of digitization. Same is the case with the businesses that get the software development services from the custom software development companies.

The reason behind the growth of each industry significantly depends on the evolution introduced in the software development industry.

Software Development

Now let’s come to our main point of discussion — Software Development Trends That Will Boost Your Business. Obviously, 2018 was the year of discussions about the several trending software development technologies from Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some essential trends in the software development field that need the attention of all businesses. Below is the list:

Low-code Development

Low code development is associated with a technique of developing Lego Blocks by web and software development companies.

This does not require expertise and help clients to grasp their software project conveniently as there’s an absence of complex codes that require experience. This, in turn, help clients understand their project in a better way and allow them to make customizations on their own.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not very challenging to understand for an average human. Each person has some idea about this technology. AI involves developing intelligence-based software that can think intelligently like humans.

With the inception of Artificial Intelligence, the machines are programmed to perform the tasks that were restricted to the human mind. It improvises business tasks and makes them simple. Businesses can turn smarter with the help of Artificial Intelligence Services and Solutions.

Language Trends

It is extremely important to choose the correct language for a software development project to avoid any kind of backlash in the later stage. There are certain surveys that update us about the popularity of various languages.

In Stack Overflow survey, which takes the input data by developers to find the popularity of programming languages and frameworks, Node.js was found to be the most popular framework accompanied by Angular and React.

IoT (Internet of Things)

The development of IoT applications is the latest advancement in the development of software that has its implications expanded both at the user and industrial levels. The technology that basically unites all technologies is designed to witness a revolutionary demand in the areas of security and customer experience. Businesses can enhance customer experience with the help of IoT Solutions.

According to PWC evaluations, more than 90% of cars will be IoT empowered by 2020. This level of connectivity and control is supposed to provide better performance in the areas of transportation, logistics and supply chains.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology is one of the most discussed technologies in the software industry. The digital currencies (Cryptocurrencies) like Ethereum and Bitcoin has come into existence because of the establishment of this technology.

Blockchain Technology is associated with the simplification of banking transactions, like transfer of money through the creation of a single accounting book for various parties. The beneficial and increasingly growing opportunities in this field have made more businesses stretch their arms in the blockchain technology development services.


So far we have seen some astonishing software development trends that will benefit businesses in several ways. It is very important for businesses to match the pace of these trending software technologies to beat their competitors. Software development companies can provide better insight into these technologies and, in this way, this helps business owners to maintain a good and long-term relationship with their existing customers too.

Want to develop a new product for your business? Hire a dedicated Software Developer from Softlabs Group, a leading Software Development Company in India and turn your idea into reality.

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