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Startup? Hyderabad it is


Previously it was Bangalore that had captured all the attention in terms of technology, owing to its reputation as the Silicon Valley of India. But now it is Hyderabad that is taking the place as the second tech-rich city. Tracking back the reasons, I researched that it was establishment of T-Hub that has accelerated the growth of technology here.

What is T-Hub?

T-Hub is the business incubator that has been set in Hyderabad. It is also known as Telangana Hub.

What is a business incubator?

A business incubator can be defined as a large organization that helps the small startup companies to launch their businesses in the market. The area where help is provided by the incubator is, generally, management lessons. Also includes start up tips, market analysis and training space.

T-Hub has given platform to many startups ideas. T-Hub was launched in the year 2015. People who took interest in it were S. L. Narasimhan, Governor of Telangan, K. T. Rama Rao: Telangana IT & Panchayat Raj Minister, Ratan Tata:Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons.

Talent acquisition in Hyderabad has become high and investors from around the world are showing interest. The ground is ready for you to sow the seeds of your dream startup.

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Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) holds several projects that have become well known deep tech start up projects in India and these projects are inspirational for all those aspirants looking to make their way into business world through technology:


Docturnal launched its disease app called TimBRe. It has been helping people to find out about TB. It’s a major technological development to fight TB.


This project is IIT incubated and has led to building up some unique products and services with the help of AR. With the help of technology the team has been able help the healthcare sector, e-commerce sector, tourism and defense.


With Indiryn one can reduce cost which arises due to inadequate building of data. It does this with the help of IoT to collect data and send it to cloud based analytic engine. From there the algorithms will be detecting the faults and leakages.

MerkleTree Labs 

This start up has been successfully helping different companies to develop block chain apps.


Recruiters have to face issues when it is about selection of employees. With the help of machine learning and AI, the company has created a systematic pipeline whereby the candidate can be selected and managed. There is also provision for automated evaluation.

Onward Assist 

With Onward Assist, the medical centers are getting valuable help in oncology. The startup has developed many medical tools and machines to guide oncologists in treating the patients.


Probably, one of the highest utility startup, this will help the pregnant couples in getting relevant information and help during the period of pregnancy. It is expected to develop into a platform where the expectant parents can interact with doctors.


Qalaxy is an AI driven application which can guide students through their course work. It functions by learning from the feedback.


Working towards the noble cause of preventing blindness in countries that have average consumers purchasing power, this start up uses pure data science to complete its task. Blindness could be detected from the smart phone itself through retinal imaging.


The team of RevOs devoted its research in technology to prepare an AI and IoT driven platform to help two and three wheelers become smart. If you want to venture into this field then you can ask business consultants in Hyderabad.