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Sudhanshu Kumar of Digital Sukoon Shares 5 Tips to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Agency

Sudhanshu Kumar of Digital Sukoon Shares 5 Tips to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Agency

Tuesday June 16, 2020,

4 min Read

Sudhanshu Kumar

What you think starting digital marketing agency is a simple task without any experience? Yes, it’s difficult however not impossible! What all it requires is to follow few steps that can help one in starting a successful digital marketing agency. In today’s fast-paced world of challenging business, it’s quite difficult to stay ahead of the competitors. 

For this reason, its vital to stay updated with latest strategies. Might be you have read numerous blogs and books regarding how to start a digital marketing agency! But, still, if you didn’t find the correct information regarding the same then this guide is for you.


Sudhanshu Kumar who is the founder of a digital maketing agency called Digital Sukoon has shared some important tips for the beginners to start a successful digital marketing agency.

  • Educate Yourself

Before starting a digital agency, the foremost thing you need to do is to educate yourself as well as try to gain much knowledge. The reality is learning never stops! So, it’s better to invest your enough time as well as money in learning new things. In addition to this, it’s also important to have an understanding of industry too. 

Few concepts that you should understand are PPC, email marketing campaigns, creating online funnels, SEO and so on. Also, you need to understand content marketing as well as graphic design since it will only help you in the long run. 

  • Decide Your Strategy 

The second most important step is to think about the niche since competition is intense and finding the niche will only help you in taking the agency to a higher level. Think whether you wish to emphasize one or 5-6 part of digital marketing! Do you wish to focus on a single industry or want to target more than that? Wish to emphasize your own area or national? 

Every verdict will have their own consequences. In simple words, play with your strengths! Everything starts from this step only! So, start small and start strong!

  • Build a Portfolio

While starting any digital marketing agency, its important to first gain trust from the clients. Then only you will be able to attract potential clients. 

A good portfolio incorporates:

  • Detailed Case Studies
  • Snippets 
  • Client Testimonials
  • Coming Goals for that Customer

Display to your target audience that in any circumstances you can easily deliver outcomes and will carry on always. Ensure the portfolio that you have created is ethical and authentic, not stretching the fact. 

  • Get Social Literally 

Choose few pertinent social media platforms in order to get connected with your potential clients later on. Sharing appropriate content as well as building connection with followers, no doubt, can help you in creating an online presence. Even, customers will start to build trust towards your brand. Simply, you can build enduring as well as valuable connections by connecting with the customer on numerous social media platforms. 

Remember, it’s not vital to be available on every social media network, select the relevant ones completely based on your industry as well as niche and update them on a regular basis. 

  • Stay Updated Stay Relevant 

Do you know what’s the important thing for all digital marketing agencies? To keep themselves updated with up-to-date trends as well as methodologies! It's important to upgrade the skill set and remain relevant in order to deliver better services to the customers. 

On the off chance, if you have workers, then ensure they attend training, conferences, seminars for developing new skills and for building relationships with like-minded people. The most imperative thing is to apprehend the dynamics of industry and remain updated with any latest actions in industry. 

Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and it helped you in knowing more about the tips on how to start a digital marketing agency shared by him. While starting the agency, it’s better to begin small as well as focus on particular niche. 

After building the proficiency in industry, you can start expanding slowly in order to move into more new industries. Taking action is the most vital thing to do while launching digital marketing agency.