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How Task Management App For Team Increase Productivity

How Task Management App For Team Increase Productivity

Wednesday March 18, 2020,

4 min Read

In this article we will discuss how to ensure high levels of productivity by using a Task Management App.

We will cover below points:

  1. Organise your workflow
  2. Monitor your daily tasks
  3. Handle your team members
  4. Instant task notifications
  5. live task milestones
  6. Bonus bits (instant chat, attendance,)

Organize your workflow:

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In a start up there can be a lot of challenging situations, therefore to tackle these challenges head on, it is important to organise and manage your work environment well.

Make a checklist of all the important tasks that you are likely to achieve during your work day. And add them to your important tasks list.

Doing this will help you to keep a track of all your tasks during the day and not miss out on important tasks and goals.

If you do not do this, it may happen that you can overlook your priorities of tasks and there can be loss of information or you might miss out on keeping your task list upto-date.

Therefore it is essential to every employee that you organise your work day when you enter office first thing in the morning, spending 5 minutes to get your work sorted will generously help you to make your day and job fruitful and productive all throughout the work day.

In the end you will be satisfied and happy with the quality of work that you did and the efforts that you put in to achieve it.

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Monitor your daily tasks:

Monitoring your daily tasks list is especially important so that you can plan and organize your work flow. Every task that needs to be handled, has many sub tasks and milestones for completion.

Therefore it is essential that you note down all the dependencies and milestones for the tasks to be duly completed. This is an addendum to the checklist that you created earlier.

Doing this will help you to monitor your progress as and when you complete the tasks that you have in hand.

Handle your team members:

It may happen that you have some tasks that require some dependencies from your team members. In such cases, you need to add them to your group and follow up with them to make sure that you stay updated with your task progress.

Regularly monitor and ensure that your dependencies for your tasks are being met and the work is being fulfilled and completed. Make sure that you follow up with the team members but do not over do it.

Else it might easily annoy your team members. Always maintain a level of politeness and professionalism to your job duties. This will ensure that your supervisors know that you are maintaining a high level of job decorum and ethics. 

Instant task notifications:

It is essential that you make sure to use a tasks management app. A good software to start up with would be Field Force Connect.

This software will help you organize you workflow and set up milestones that you would need to successfully complete your tasks. What more, is that you will get real time reminders and notifications about your tasks schedule and also you will be able to be monitored in real time by your supervisors and managers.

So it is worthwhile for you to give the software a try. It might just make your job easier and make your life smooth.

live task milestones:

As mentioned earlier, the Field Force Connect software helps you to create different tasks and sub tasks for each task entry.

You will also be able to create

milestones for each task and monitor them. This eliminates the need for creating any dependencies for your task project and helps you to regularly follow up with your task checklist and ensure that you stay up to date with all your work related requirements.

Bonus bits (instant chat, attendance):

When you try out software such as Field Force Connect, you will also be entitled to have exclusive access to bonus bits such as attendance monitoring, live chatting, free demo version for your tasks monitoring process, realtime updates for your tasks as well as management of contacts and expenses.

These are the bonus bits that will help you to excel in your job role and ensure that you maintain the highest level of professionalism and work ethics.