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How Technology Aids in Tackling With Coronavirus Outbreak?


During the economic downturn, every segment of life is jeopardised by the global coronavirus pandemic. Even in the biggest, advanced, and most developed countries are finding it hard to control and contain the exponential rise in the number of people infected in the wake of global spread.

The people mostly at risk are the doctors who are battling the contagious coronavirus disease on the front-line. Although all the human beings are susceptible to getting the infection but the ones following the guidelines issued by World Health Organisation reduce the risk to negligent. And, now governments in several countries are exploring technology as a way to deter the risk produce by infected people. And, this is not just limited to health care sector; there are numerous other sectors where technology is bringing the ray of hope. Take a look!

1. Robots

Robots are proving to be a lifesaver in the aftermath of coronavirus pandemic. Many robots have been deployed in hospitals to serve to the infected patients. These robots inhibits the need of getting touch with them to provide them medicine and food. Thus, reducing the risk for doctors and nurses substantially and also saving their valuable time which can offer them more time to recover and take rest. All these robots are completely programmable to serve medicines, food, and even instructions to patients through voice commands and can reach the desired location without manual interaction.

2. Drones

Drones are the perfect example of how spectacular technology can be in mitigating the time and efforts in surveillance. At this time, when social distancing is big game-changer in turning around the implications associated with the global pandemic.

3. Rental Software

After the exponential rise in the cases of infected people in many countries, there has been a constant demand of safety kits and medical equipment. At this time, purchasing equipment in large numbers won’t be possible for many economies. Here, renting could be the way out to ensure the availability of life saving equipments. And, the rental of such equipment can be easily operated through medical equipment rental software. These rental software are the perfect demonstration of future technology playing a decent role in saving the existence of mankind.

4. Smart Imaging Device

In an effort to limit and quarantine the coronavirus affected patients from the healthy people to avoid the rapid spread of disease. Smart imaging device are adding a fresh lease of life in the fight against the epidemic. These devices identify affected individuals by thermal scanning their body temperature. As, one of the major symptoms of the infection is high fever; this device even can scan affected patient among large groups. And, in turn prevents the spread of virus.

5. Mobile Apps

During the time coronavirus epidemic, factors such as awareness and social distancing plays a huge role in determining the scope of the spread of Covid-19. Many startups and tech companies have already developed advanced technology apps that can assist people identify affected areas, track symptoms, and even alert users from getting in contact with Covid-19 patient.

While there is a steep rise in the number of people affected by the patient, technology aids humans in the time of emergency and prevent devastation due to lose of life. No doubt technology still has some unexplored avenues warranting to be tapped.


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