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10 Customer Experience Experts to Follow in 2020

Customer experience is evolving by every passing time. Hence, the professionals involved in the task of customer experience needs to stay updated always in order to offer the best service. Regular training and learning can offer updates that can result in better service.

Customer experience is evolving by every passing time. Hence, the professionals involved in the task of customer experience needs to stay updated always in order to offer the best service. Regular training and learning can offer updates that can result in better service. 

Apart from getting the right training from time to time, another great option is to follow some of the customer experience experts. Following them not only offer a lot of learning from them but also offers to deal with some of the most difficult situations. 

Adrian Swinscoe

Adrian Swinscoe is the author of the book Punk CX. He, in his book, has broken the conventional barriers and has gone beyond the methods that can lead a company to have great customer service. He is also a consultant who deals with the latest strategies and his blogs are always helpful in providing a bridge between customer support and customer experience.

Annette Franz

Annette Franz is the CEO of famous customer experience consulting company CX Journey Inc. With an experience of about 25 years, she is better known to offer a people-centric environment for the employees at the workplace. She is also the co-host at #CXchat that is quite trending on Twitter. A member of the Forbes Coaches Council, she is surely one of those gems to follow and learn from about customer experience.

Adam Toporek

Adam Toporek is a keynote speaker who is recognized worldwide for helping different companies in thinking about customer service with a different approach. He is the owner of CTS Service Solutions and is known for his real-world approach for training customer service agents. 

Al Hopper

Al Hopper is the Customer Experience Manager at Black Rifle Coffee Company and believes customer experience to have an upper hand over customer marketing. He is also quite active on social media platforms such as Twitter to discuss different approaches towards customer service. Also, he keeps on coming up with different campaigns on social sites for his campaign that can again be examples for many people to learn. 

Bill Quiseng

Bill Quiseng has a much deeper belief in building relationships. People who blindly trust options such as the customer experience app and other techniques can follow Bill to know the importance of building relationships. He has a training profile in diverse areas such as hospitality, finance, and many others. Bill is also the General Manager of San Diego’s Marriott Vacation Club Pulse.  

Bob Thompson

The founder of Customer Think, Bob Thompson has also served across a number of industries with his customer experience skills. Also, he is a CRM enthusiast and talks about the latest customer experience software and other technologies that can help improving customer experience. He is also the author of a book in which he has mentioned about different habits that companies should incorporate in order to make the service more people-centric and to enhance the customer experience. 

Bruce Temkin

Bruce Temkin heads the Experience Management Institute, located in Qualtrics and is more into customer-centricity. Bruce is known to help a number of big organizations to deal with their problems of customer experience and bring in positive results in their team. He is the co-founder of a non-profit community, Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA) that deals with different firms who are facing customer experience related issues. 

Blake Morgan

Blake Morgan is better known for her trending book, The Customer of the Future. Many of the other customer experience masters have offered their reviews on the book with applaud. She has also served for some of the best brands across the world such as Ericson, Accenture, Verizon, and Adobe. She has been a keynote speaker too stating different roadblocks that come in the way of customer experience. In her speeches as well as in her books, she has mentioned about different strategies and different ways to achieve customer experience in the best way.

Colin Shaw

The CEO of the customer experience consultancy, Beyond Philosophy, Colin Shaw is a thought leader and is the author of six books as of now. He has helped many firms in the UK to deal with their customer experience issues and his consultancy now is one of the best ones in the UK. He also co-hosts The Intuitive Customer that aims at offering support to agents and managers in customer support. 

Flavio Martins

Flavio Martins is an expert not only for customer support but also for tech support. With an experience of more than 15 years, today Flavio is known worldwide. He has been known for his diverse profiles such as customer experience, customer support, and so on. He has offered his training and support to a number of call centers in handling customers and of being proactive in identifying problems and resolving them. He is a perfect person who considers having a perfect balance between human touch and technology. 

Apart from these many experts, there are many more to follow such as Jeanne Bliss and Shep Hyken. 

Following these experts and understanding the nerve of the customers is very much important before plunging into the technical stuff. Again making the right choice in customer support software is also very important to gain higher results. Choosing options from piHappiness the best idea that one can have in this case. piHappiness offers the best and world-class software options that are fully featured with the latest features and can be highly useful for the high-aiming companies in maintaining a good customer experience record. 


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