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The Best App Store Optimization Tricks, Right Away!

The last few years have witnessed a large rise in the use of mobile. With millions of downloads, the mobile app market has reached new heights. However, not all mobile app could make it to the perfection.

The last few years have witnessed a large rise in the use of mobile. With millions of downloads, the mobile app market has reached new heights. However, not all mobile app could make it to the perfection.

Thus, to survive, developers need a hyper-efficient strategy which will help their boat get ashore. And the most fundamental, yet successful strategy to score success is App Store Optimization, aka ASO.

ASO is the process which makes sure that your app increase the download possibilities and appears high up in the search results. AppAnnie tells us that ‘app search’ triggers approximately 65% of downloads in the Apple App Store and is the most used method for finding apps. So, this makes it quite clear that ASO is an essential policy for your app to succeed.

But what we can consider as the 'perfect' ASO strategy to rock the bottomline of app downloads?

Here are some crucial tricks you’d need to keep in mind while proceeding with ASO and will help you to launch an app successfully.

#1. Do You Know Your Customer And Do You Understand Your Competition?

Recognizing your customers and competitors are the important factors of a well-formed ASO strategy.  So before starting your journey, make yourself go through the following questions.

  • What is/are the natural language of my customers?
  • Why would they download and use my app?
  • What can make me better than my competitors?
  • What keywords would keep me ahead of competitors?

All you need to do is research about the top trending keywords. The best way to spot the most used keyword is by going through the search queries that brought your customers towards your app.

So, start your research with tools like Keyword Explorer by Moz.

#2. Go For the Perfect App Name

A unique name for your app is not enough to garner huge traffic. You need to get the correct keyword included in the name, as this is one of the best ways to attract your audience.

A study by TUNE shows us that apps with appropriate keywords in their title, ranks 10.3% higher than titles without such keywords.

App Store allows up to 255 characters to set your keywords. This does not mean you can sum up anything. The main goal is to make a first impression. So, design smaller and catchy titles. Keep in mind to avoid special characters and symbols.

#3. Maximize The Keywords

Google Play and App Store have much different approach regarding ASO keywords.

While the App Store provides you with 100 characters exclusively for the title and the keywords to reach your target audiences. Whereas, Google Play’s approach appears a lot similar to SEO. It means, from the set of 4000 characters allowed in the description, Google Play itself scans the relevant keywords.

A study by Sensor Tower showed that the maximum repetition allowed for a keyword is five to get your users attracted. Further mentions are more or less not applicable on ASO.

To obtain best results, write for your customer and trim your keywords.

#4. Write Down An Impressive Description.

The description you provide helps you elaborate your app to customers, garner traffic and encourage downloads. Try and engage with your customers within the first two sentences so that they don’t need to go for the ‘more’ tab.

A few customers try ‘n read the whole description. Most of then try to get a basic idea of the app reading the first few lines. So, it is important to make the first few lines like an ad copy. Keep it small but compelling.

The only purpose is to generate curiosity in your potential customer and compel them to download the app.

#5. Design A Unique Icon.

Build the best impression on your customer designing a creative and communicative icon. But it is better not trying to be too elaborative with your image, try to keep it simple.

Keeping the icons filled with vivid colors, unique shapes and uncomplicated images is the best way to attract customers. Try to stay away from complicated impressions. Overcomplicating the icon might not seem to be a good idea.

Winding It Up!

The ASO strategy might seem complicated, but it isn’t. All it requires is a ambitious eye, and affection for analytics and well organized check-ins. And if you are capable of doing so, I must say, you are on your way to a bullet-proof ASO procedure.

So, go on with this and your effort will pay you off.

Hope to see you in the top ranks!


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