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The Big Technology Brands that Are Watching You in Your Privacy

When it comes to the privacy everyone become sensitive and no one allows anyone to breach their privacy online. However, very few people already know that we are constantly under surveillance and our privacy is being breached by the big technology brands.

When it comes to the privacy everyone become sensitive and no one allows anyone to breach their privacy online. However, very few people already know that we are constantly under surveillance and our privacy is being breached by the big technology brands that are watching each and every single activity that you have performed online. Therefore, you may be stunned by reading the piece of information that your privacy is being compromised without your consent.

It is a bitter truth, but somehow the tools that I am going to tell you violating your privacy take your consent what so ever. Moreover, you have to allow the online brands that actually you are using via cell phone and computer devices connected to the cyberspace. Let’s talk about the big technology will start tracking your emotions and watching you in your privacy but before you need to know how these brands breaching your privacy.

How Tech – Brands watching you in your privacy?

Technology in the form of cell phones and PCs devices has been penetrated among the people worldwide. So, they perform multiple activities in terms of social media and others that ask to access their devices. Moreover, video games online also ask for the permission first and then allow the user to play the video game online.

Furthermore, even the search engine and many other platforms online ask you the same to get access to your cell phone and desktop and laptop devices. The search engine dramatically saved the each and every single query that you have asked and also make a separate page with accordance of your login to the search engine or IP address of the device connected to the cyberspace.


Google is one of the most widely used and famous brands in the world that you have ever come across. So, no matter what sort of activity or query you have asked to search engine it will keep the record of it. Therefore, it gathers a variety of information about the user in multiple ways. Moreover, it will save the information you have searched on the search engine, read the article, made the search for the image, videos and movies and many other things that you can find over the mighty Google.

However, you cannot hide anyone one of the activities that you have performed on the search engine. Even your location could be compromised at any point of time when Google is spying on your cell phone, tablet, pad, laptop and a desktop computer connected to the internet. Except for the activities that you have done for the purpose of advertising, Google cannot breach what so ever.


You can say about the social media app Facebook one of the most popular most visited social media platform of all time since last a decade. But you may get surprised it is also one of the biggest tech brands that are watching in your privacy. Young kids and teens, adults and even from all ages use the social messaging app all day long and perform plenty of activities such as text messages, text conversations, share media files such as photos and videos and send and receive Voice messages. All of the activities are being tracked by the might hacking Facebook account itself. Moreover, the Facebook officials can do anything the data you have submitted on the website. You have watched the testimony of the Mark Zuckerberg, Congress has grilled the Facebook CEO., the social media website CEO has found in data breaching activities.


Without the shadow of the doubt Snapchat instant messaging app is one of biggest competitors of the all the social media platforms including Facebook. User performs multiple data sharing activities but they don’t bother where all of the data has gone. Obviously, all the activities in terms of photos, videos, messages and other stuff you are sharing are being stored or submitted to the social media platform servers or to the officials. You being a user even sharing your location, street address with pin –point accuracy at the moment you are using the instant messenger. It means you are continuously under surveillance and big technology brand is watching in your privacy to the fullest.

Pokémon Go

If you are familiar with the popular online games or you love to play video games online than I would say you may know well about the famous Pokemon GO. You may not know that it is tracking your and current and exact location and even the data you have stored in your cell phone such as photos in the gallery. Dramatically, the entire famous brand openly states that they can do anything with your personal data what so ever and they retain the rights of doing that. Moreover, the online game installed on your mobile phone even can track the Operating system of your device and further tracking your Gmail account.

Play Station

All of the above top tech –brands you can use without paying a single penny. So, you can understand when you are using without paying anything then officials of the brands can watch your privacy or data you shared. But strangely when it comes to the popular gaming consoles these days in the technological world, what rights they have to look into your privacy even you have paid for the services you are getting. The modern play stations are capable of listening, recording the surround recording of the commands of your daily life. The latest gaming consoles can track your audio background and collect information and general information with help of the input of the user.


Therefore, in the light of all the above-mentioned technology brands are watching in your privacy to the fullest. Use Android spy app to keep an secret eye on big brands watching you in your privacy.