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The Most Difficult Question in a Job Interview


If you are reading this, it means that you have an outstanding resume and a nicely written cover letter and this makes you eligible for an interview call. So it is the time of so many thoughts that will make you nervous. Don’t do that just read it, because it’ll help you to answer the most difficult question in ]the entire interview. If you’ll successfully justify this question and the interviewer is satisfied with your answer than there are more chances for you to get selected.

The question is: Why should the employer hire you? Why should the employer hire you

Apparently seems that it is a simple question but this is the question whose answer will greatly affect the selection process. So don’t get over confident, be composed there are many candidates who can’t answer this question. First thing to make it clear is that it is not meant to start bragging.

why you


Give yourself some time to think about that and be prepared, and don’t give them the impression that you never thought of that before. This question is important because there are also many other candidates who are eligible for that position. So answer the question that let the employer to pick you. You have to show them your skill and also to prove your abilities that can help them to choose you among many others. Explain everything that you can do in regard to the work you’ll be assigned and prove that you already have some know-how to handle this job.

Before going for an interview prepare your essay yourself or try resume editor, and also write down the points which can help you to become an asset to the company.

The thing worth to mention here is that you are not showing them how you can do but it is also about explaining all that in interview. As communication skills are also required for jobs. Just relax and then think about the details. It’ll give them the feeling that their work is important to you so let them know all about your skills and eligibility for the position clearly and in detail.

With the ongoing recession in the economy, every job interview is important and can make a difference. If you go to the interview, prepared to answer tough interview questions, it can make a vital difference, helping you to impress your interviewer.


First of all, prepare well for any kind of tough job interview questions that you think the interviewer might ask you. Keeping in view the job description, you may be able to guess the sort of tough questions that can be asked. If you’re looking for a secretarial job, be prepared about any questions related to your time management skills or dealing with difficult coworkers.

In order to rehearse for the interview, ask a friend or family member to interview you for the job. You can ask them to give you the most difficult questions they can think of, so that you can prepare your answers.

However, do remember that no matter how difficult the questions may be, always reply with honesty. Everyone has some good as well as bad points, and hiding them won’t do any good. If you are honest about your weakness, the interviewer will see you as an honest and trustworthy person, increasing your chances to qualify for the job.


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