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The Top 10 Web Development Blogs That’ll Help You Grow

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We all have different preferences when it comes to learning. What methods do you prefer? Videos, audios, reading books, exploring the internet, or someone teaching you in person? Online surfing has become one of the most popular methods of learning lately. We all look up to Google to answer our questions. Considering you readers are the coders by passion or profession, here is a list of top 10 websites recommended.

SitePoint - https://www.sitepoint.com/

SitePoint is a website that has multiple technical experts and writers aligned giving its audience a wide variety of knowledge. They produce multiple articles every day, and hence you will find a lot to explore and learn. SitePoint is like an endless book which simply has a lot to give. The site gives access to over 135 design and development books. They cover a range of languages including JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular, React, Node.js, etc.

CSS Tricks - https://css-tricks.com/

Developed by Chris Coyier, the blog has taken him to write over 1800 blogs as of now. CSS Tricks has an Almanac section which covers almost everything about CSS. However, the blog isn’t just limited to CSS. Though it started from CSS, Chris went on writing about HTML, then WordPress and then stuff for the front-end developers. It has a lot more to give including content on jQuery, JS, PHP and other web development techniques. The site is neatly maintaining with different sections of articles, videos, Almanac, Snippets, Newsletters, Jobs and Guides.

Scott Hanselman - https://www.hanselman.com/blog/

With thousands of subscribers on Scott Hanselman blog, it has almost every type of coder there. Not just coding and programming, but his blog covers anything and everything related to technology, new industry trends, gadgets, innovations and future. It is a must visit blog for every freelance web developer online who seeks to keep learning. Not just the blog, you must check out his amazing YouTube channel too.

Joel on Software - https://www.joelonsoftware.com/

It has been over 15 years since Joel Spolsky has been running the blog. So, you can simply imagine how big their blog is. From software development to coding and business management, it has everything to cover. The bad news here is, you won’t find any new articles updating on the blog as Joel has retired and does not publish posts anymore. While he has stopped blogging, Joel does not want to the learners to not stop learning. He, thus, has mentioned a top 10 list on the sidebar.

David Walsh - https://davidwalsh.name/

David Walsh is a senior developer at Mozilla. He writes and updates blogs spreading out his knowledge and experience amazingly. While there’s a lot of information on web development over the internet, David Walsh is a perfect tutor to your needs. Yes, you are likely to enjoy learning practical facts in the form of tutorials. The blog is all about demonstration allowing you to have a real-time experience of what actually the topic looks like. Moreover, every demo is flooded with examples to help you identify when you can actually use the particular technique. David’s major expertise lies in front-end technologies, like HTML/5, CSS, JavaScript and other frameworks such as MooTools, jQuery and Dojo Toolkit.

A List Apart - https://alistapart.com/

This is just another web development blog that includes anything and everything revolving around the creation of websites. Right from web development and technology to web designing and content writing, A List Apart has got you covered with everything. If you’ve completed their blog, why not read their books and attend their events. Moreover, this is a blog oriented towards both new learners and experienced. While there is a lot of primary content written for the newbies, it has a lot more. The blog covers all the best practices that you can follow to smoothen out your work.

Scotch.io - https://scotch.io/

If you look forward to tutorials on web development, then this website is definitely for you. It has abundant long posts explaining everything in detail. You will end up exploring a number of processing and tools you can use in your work while learning at Scotch.io. Possibly you end up developing something while going through the step by step tutorials on their blogs.

Matt Might - http://matt.might.net/articles/

Do you wish to explore more around programming languages? Or would you want to read something related to compilation, functional programming and productivity? Matt Might is one such blog equipped with wide range of content written in a simple to understand manner. It covers almost everything around programming. Right from illustrations, functional programming graduate school content to articles about productivity, Apple gadgets, and ‘how to’ write-ups, the website has got you all covered.

Web development has a huge career going forward. Not just getting a job makes a career in web development, but it has a lot of scope in the freelancing world too. Sign up to MissionKya to make it to your first gig as a freelance web developer and earn money.


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