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10 Free Re-Engagement Tools to grow your Customer Retention for Free


Retaining your old customers will help grow your company than to find new customers while having a high churn rate. Here are 3 good reasons you need to check out these tools for retaining your customers.

1) You get a higher ROI from your existing customers than from the new users.

2)  Your existing customers trust you already so minimal efforts to upsell.

3) These tools are completely free of cost.


Hello Bar

How do you capture emails without annoying the user? Show a nicely done top bar, side box or similar ones that suits your website and something that doesn’t look like spam.

Hello Bar is your go-to tool to ask email ids, drive traffic to the specific page and ask for emails before a user exits your website. As you can see, this is more than just an email capturing tool. It is free for you up to 5000 views per month


Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is one of the most popularly used emailing tools to re-engage your customers. Emails will help you keep in touch with your customers without needing to worry about scale. Customers expect you to send certain information like their monthly account updates, your new features, educational emails if they are new to your platform.

Send product updates, reminders and Newsletters that remind users about you. MailChimp is free for you up to 2000 subscribers.



 Push Notifications have 3-5X opt-in rate and 5-10X open rates than emails. Everyone is programmed to react to notifications on their mobile and desktop. This is for two reasons 1) People explicit opt-in to receive updates which translated to good conversion rates. 2) Notifications appear on the screen or mobile screen directly without needing open another app or tab like we need to do for emails.

TruePush is a push notification tool for your mobile and web. It is free forever for all features. For both mobile and web. So if you want to target Web, Android, and IOS users, this is your go-to tool for push notifications.



You can grow only when you can measure. It is Incredibly hard to custom code all the tracking points you need to track for your SaaS product, especially when you are starting or growing. You want your team to solve hard customer problems and scale fast.

The best way to do is to use a powerful analytical tool that will suit you. Mixpanel has a free tier where you can measure up to 5M data points per month.



Customers want to be heard all the time and many companies like. This applies to all kinds of companies in Online space without exception. Customer Service is also a way to understand your customers closely and build features based on their pain points than your own road map.

This is exceptionally good especially in the Initial and growth stages of your company.

Fresh chat offers you a free tier for unlimited contacts. This will help you be available to your customers all the time. Go ahead and give it a try.


Zoho Motivator


Doing business is like playing a game but you need to master your own scoreboard before competing with others. Sales are at the heart of the business and you want to Master it better than anyone else.

Zoho Motivator is for your Internal purpose for tracking sales and customers. Use this tool strategies on up selling your existing customers. It has a free tier to use up to 5 users.



Building thought leadership in your market will build trust in your customers. It is like going to a Doctor, though there are many doctors in town, you go to Doctors you have been already because you build trust with them and you know they know what they are talking about. Along with writing great content, you also need to have a great website where looks clean to read for users. This gives a good reading experience for your readers.

Medium is your go-to tool for this. It provides a distraction-free page for your customers to read. Medium also drives traffic by suggesting your articles provided it is relevant to the tags their users are following. It is free to use the platform.



Taking feedback from your customers to build new features is a great way to engage with customers and for you to learn about them. You can use google docs to simple take responses but it won’t give great experience for users while filling up the form. If it is a little length, people may just leave it in between.

Typeform helps you to create fast and simple forms that users can enjoy to give feedback. The experience for anyone filling the form is sleek and in fact, makes it seem faster to fill large forms too. Check out their website. It gives free 100 responses per month.


Your Product

A to-do list may need retention at least twice a day while a Tax filing tool may retain users once or twice in a year. You can use all great tools in the world but your product should provide enough value for users to come back and use your product again. Create a funnel to Initiate different points for re-engagement. Above tools can help you Identify,  measure and Initiate your re-engagement strategy.