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3 tried and tested steps to become a successful Blogger

In this Blog post let us discuss the three-step process of RPM. What is RPM? No in the world of Blogging it is not Revolutions per minute but it is Research, Process and Market. If you understand and learn this once you can repeat it over and over again to achieve success.

I realised that there is excess information on the internet on mostly every topic and same is the case for Blogging. I am not saying that the internet does not have the legit information but it is very tough to get the correct answers to your questions. Sometimes the toughest problems have the simplest answers.

You must have heard that when the players in their peak lose their form, coaches or the experts ask them to return to basics. So sometimes rather than complicating things you can take a simple way.

Similarly, for Blogging, there is a very simple 3 step process which everyone can follow. These three steps are the spine of Blogging. You can definitely add more steps to it as per your needs however the 3 steps which we are going to discuss are must-have and should be done in a loop to achieve and to monetize your Blog i.e you should follow this for every new topic you are going to discuss on your Blog.


This is the first step which I personally follow when I decide to work on a topic in my Blog. I do not put any time limit for research. I do it until I feel satisfied with the information I have collected. I ensure that research is productive and the end-product is informative and useful for the readers. On average it takes around 2 to 5 days to finalise this step. You must check every possible source of information from Wikipedia to private Blogs to videos etc.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that we must remain focussed. Most of the times we get diverted form our subject matter and start reading about other things. This results in loss of time, effort and energy. If we stay focussed then in minimum time and with the least effort we can collect really good information on the subject matter


Another important step for successful Blogging is to process the data you have collected. Presentation is very important. You must learn to present the most complex data in such a way that users can consume it easily.

Easier said than done. Isn’t it?

Let us see how you can convert raw data into a presentable format.

Always start your Blog Post with the aim to make the reader comfortable.

How can you do that?

Use simple words and write in a way as if you are talking to the user. I generally avoid directly jumping into the details immediately. In short, dedicate your first paragraph to make users comfortable. But do not stretch the first paragraph too much. Keep it short, simple and nice.

Once you are done with the first paragraph you have a herculean task ahead. Jump to the core but try to make your post interesting. Who would want to spend 10 mins to read 2000 words? Hence if the Blog post is too long then try to convert some data into infographics. Use motivating and positive images to increase the morale of the readers. If you are able to establish a connection with the readers then they will surely stay on your post for a longer time span.


What’s the use of research and such a nice post if there is no one to read it.

That is why marketing is important. Readers should know about the Blog post. The only way you can do it is through marketing. You need to have a robust marketing strategy to spread the word about your Blog Post.

How to market the Blog Post?

Share your Blog post on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and put the related videos on Youtube and pictures on Pinterest and Instagram.

There are many platforms where you can share your complete article one such platform is Medium. You cal also pitch your article to well-known media houses.

Once you are done with the above steps the last part remains to get the links through guest post. You can reach out to websites or other Blogs with some unique ideas to write a Blog post. Guest posts give you the opportunity to link back your content to the Guest Post.

Lastly, you can collaborate with other Bloggers who are in the same niche but not your competitors. This gives you a broader audience base.

The three-step process of RPM is a tried and tested way of becoming a successful Blogger. If we follow all the three steps diligently then with time and patience we can get really good results.