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Tips on How to Grow Your Business And Leads With SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become the basic need of both startups and well-established business to expand their digital reach. SEO is the practices that are employed by an expert boost up the search engine ranking of a website. It is evident that higher a business website in the search results of a search engine, higher will be the possibilities of user traffic over it. Almost all of the businesses across the world want to digitalize their business and trying their level best to make their websites rank at the top of SERP.

As a leading SEO Company in Bangalore, we are in the business for years and have delivered satisfactory SEO services to the clients around the world. We not only provide services for optimizing the web and app solutions, but we also help people by availing the highly optimized and expertly tested SEO tips that can help them in business, generate leads and converting them into sales.

Making a business grow and generate leads effectively is not a cup of tea that anyone can get. It needs proven SEO lead generation techniques to be implemented by an experienced SEO professional.

There are a lot of things to be considered while making a robust and sure to work SEO strategy. It needs years of expertise and professional guidance to make this strategy work. From the idea generation to planning, implanting the idea, executing the tasks and make the things take place as per the expectations, and generating the required outcomes, all can only be possible by following a tested roadmap. We have discussed below the complete roadmap, and stepwise procedure by business growth can be achieved.


On-site SEO is commonly known as On-Page SEO; this is a procedural approach that refers to optimize many website components into a single area of conduct. The overall aim of the SEO is to make it possible for your Web Pages to rank at the top of SERP and pull an extended number of user traffic to the website.

The importance of on-page SEO can only be understood by the Search Engine Optimizer who have good knowledge about how to do SEO. All your efforts made on building backlinks are a waste of time if the On-Page of your website is not correctly optimized. Content is the heart of On-Page SEO, and it should be unique, original, and should be both users and SEO optimized.

Things to be considered in On-Page SEO

  •   Proper keyword research
  •   Choose an SEO-friendly page URL
  •   Adequately use meta tag (meta description and title)
  • Should only use unique and fresh content
  •   Take care of proper page interlinking
  •  Maintain appropriate keyword density
  • Optimize the page loading speed
  •  Make a website mobile optimized
  •  Use optimized images and videos


Hiring an SEO professional helps you in grabbing up a broad array of benefits to a business, and it is not possible to explain them all over here. Are you still confused about how SEO can grow your business? I have listed a few of the significant benefits that SEO can deliver to your business website. But you should keep in mind to hire an expert and professional search engine optimizer:

  •  Enhancing Traffic.
  •  Improve Return on Investment.
  • Enhance the usability of the website
  •  Great way to expand brand awareness.
  •  Don’t have to pay for appearing in the top of SERP.
  • Get higher click-through-rate.
  • Get long-lasting ranking in the SERP.


You should claim the local business listing under your specific niche as per what services or products you are offering. As per research, it is concluded that a majority of web surfers prefer the service providers located around their nearby locations. Claiming your top positioning in the local listing can help you generate leads. This is the best example of how SEO can grow your business? As the number of visitors starts appearing at your website, the authority of your website automatically begin rising. This is a positive sign that convinces the search engine to give your website a position at the top of SERP.


No matter you have employed an SEO Freelancer Mumbai or an in-house SEO professional to look up for your website SEO, he can't overlook the importance of content. Content is the core of SEO, or we can call content as a dominator while we talk about making a webpage rank at the top of SERP. You should ensure never to stop writing, the more unique and original content you publish on-site or off-site, higher will it deliver value to your search engine visibility and ranking too.

If you have published content on any website or blog post, it doesn't mean that your role ends. You have to be in touch with that content and continuously have to make necessary changes in it. Staying updated with the latest trends is essential while we are dreaming of staying at the top of our competitors.


We have already discussed the need for writing and publishing more and more content on a website. But this saying may create confusion in the mind of website owners that within a limited range and space on Web Pages how they could publish that much of content. The solution to this issue is creating a blog section, where you can publish any number of blog posts with more and more fresh content. By interlinking your main website pages with blog posts, you can pass the SEO value to your main page.


As per the latest Google updates, building backlinks is the most prone SEO practices that lead a website penalized. Backlinks are the primary determiner of how a website is going to perform. Google never asks to create backlinks like data entry; you should be very clear how and where to make a backlink. Before creating a backlink over an external website or source, a lot of things to be considered, so that a quality backlink will be created. Instead of making hundreds of poor backlinks daily, try to create only one backlink that makes sense. Poorly made backlinks will surely going to harm your search engine ranking so instead of employing many inexperienced SEO experts, try to hire a professional that can plan and manage your SEO campaign. Back linking is one of the highly proven SEO lead generation techniques if done correctly and as per SEO guidelines.


While doing SEO, we can't ignore the importance of active presence over Social Media. We need to actively share our business updates and news over various social media platforms. This not only helps you in boosting up your SEO ranking but also drives direct visitors from social media to your business leads. Expert research has revealed that most of the website visitors that arrive from social platforms are more likely to get your services or products.


You should need to be skilled and able to use Google webmaster and analytics to enhance the website ranking. You don't need to take assistance from anyone outside if you are familiar with Analytics and Webmaster basics. You have to resolve the issues in webmaster if any and focus on optimizing your site SEO (On-page and Off-page). Blindly making backlinks doesn’t make sense unless they get crawled and index in the SERP, so stay updated with all these things and take necessary action whenever needed. Properly using the Analytics and Webmaster is one of the SEO lead generation techniques, if appropriately managed, can drive huge success and leads.


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