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Tips for successful website re-branding in 2020

Re-branding is essential for the company’s success. So, are you ready for re-branding? Keep in mind these tips for the successful re-branding of your website.

In the digital era, re-branding means complete changes in digital identity that require for company's image transformation. Without these required changes, a re-brand can turn into an identity dilemma.

Why is re-branding important?

Re-branding improves perception

One of the most important parts of the company is the logo of your brand, as it represents your business. We can say that the logo is the 'face' of your business. A professional logo design is powerful to give the desired impression of your company.

Get the affirmative, contemporary logo design that will help to convey growth and development. The finalized logo would be simple enough to be memorable but powerful enough to put a perfect impression with customers.

To enhance trustworthiness.

The brand gives your business the professional impression it deserved. After redesigning the logo now, people can easily identify the business as a trusted center. 

You should resign the website with robust content that will answer the questions. Establish the readabilities with the same look, feel, and up-to-date logo boosting the sense that a business is reputable and consistently expert in its field.

Improved financial values.

The value increases because of the branding of the company. A powerful brand usually guarantees the future of the business.

Being identified by the brand name is more valuable that'll make a beneficial process for your business. A unique and consistent brand discover the well-positioned future enlargement of your business.

Re-branding drives more customers.

The re-branding will help your business get word-of-mouth referrals. Most successful companies have one thing in common. They lead in their industry by building a powerful brand that drives more customers that, ultimately, beneficial for your business.

How to re-brand your company?

Reestablish your company's attendance

Maybe it's those audiences with which you never imagined you'd engage. Alternatively, maybe there's a different competitor in the market with their products or services are directly competing with yours.

Look at who is surely engaging with your company and who is with others. Do competitor analysis and analyze your target market and audience. Once you have confirmed your actual attendance and demand, you'll be ready to start re-branding to connect with new customers.

Redefine your company's mission & vision

Before moving ahead for re-branding, have an understanding of your vision. When you're re-branding, the company's vision affects a lot from redesigning the website to the selection process of the employees. Make sure all your employees are deciding with keeping a vision in mind as it's crucial for redefined vision.

Rename your business

Change the name is a big risk as it can cost your brand identification and organic search traffic. Ensure you have a recovery plan before renaming your business as part of the re-branding.

While renaming your company, focus on your business's vision and mission. The name of your business has a greater chance of supporting long-term extension and aims.

Reevaluate your company's slogan

A slogan must be eye-catchy and should be carried the company's mission and vision. Carefully change the slogan of your business with short and sweet wordings as a repetition of the slogan builds brand identification. Create the slogan that your customer might love it.

Re-branding is one of those things that require to be done entirety. Anything left in between and you end up with an identity disorder to digital marketing.

How does re-branding digital assets?

There are many high-level re-branding agendas out there that start with a point. Re-branding efforts can't be completely accomplished without getting the right details.

Let's have a gaze at the digital marketing steps needed to re-brand in the digital world.

Domain setup

Setup the new domain on your hosting provider. You need to make an entry in the DNS and update the changes to name servers around the world.

Website cloning

Create a replica of the site and implement it as a new domain. Make the relevant entries in the web server config and install SSL certificates for the new domain.

Temporary block search engine

Follow a rule in your robots.txt to block all traffic from indexing a new brand's website. By not following this, it causes a decline in SEO traffic on your current website.

Once you decide for re-branding, look at the few steps you wish to implement for successful re-branding.

Focus on website layout

Create an outstanding layout the attracts visitors when they just visit your website. Focusing on vision and readability can help you to boost your brand's identity.

Generally, people notice websites from the top left corner to the right portion. Set important elements like logo and tag line in the most visible portion for quick identification of your brand.

Have a fruitful content strategy

Mostly visitors move away from traditional ads and lengthy content. Your website should have fresh and relevant short and informative content to keep readers engaging. 

Invest your time to plan content creating a strategy that is important for your brand identity and audience. This will offer readers more value when they visit your site, and it'll help to attract new readers also.

Up-to-date with code

Audit your website according to the changes in your business strategies and make sure that it'll follow the vision and mission of your business. 

Social media marketing updates

Find suitable social media handles for the re-branded entity as part of the re-branding discovery process. Make relevant changes in social media accounts help to give a better shape to your business.

Follow such steps and even much more for successful re-branding your websites such as tool updates, webmaster access, ad-campaign updates, track the internal updates and etc.

Are you ready for re-branding?

Now you know almost about the re-brand entails. It's time to determine, do you want to re-brand your website?... Um-mm, yes.

Whether you want to go from a simple logo redesign to the whole re-branding, these tips will help you to create the best strategy for re-brand your business that will ultimately boost your bottom line.


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