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Tips to Write Reschedule Meeting Email


In this fast-paced world of challenging business, every time things can’t go smooth. There’s no possibility that every time all plans, scheduled appointments, and so on can be achieved as per our expectations. In such a case, reschedule meeting email may help one a lot. 

Now, the question is what actually is reschedule email! It's an official notice that people write if they need to withdraw from already scheduled appointment. People generally write it so as to reschedule meetings; it could be online or offline. 

Firstly, sending such email is just a formality. Next, it’s a decent means to inform the recipient of few changes in plans as well as express regret for inconvenience. Though, majority of people feel that making phone call is the fast means for terminating the appointment. But, writing the email is quite more appropriate and it’s a valid proof too. 

This guide highlights few tips to write reschedule meeting email.

In order to write any email politely, try to assume yourself in others place. Try to calm their dissatisfaction by showing politeness as well as apology. Hence, here the main rules are politeness, timeliness as well as reasonableness. 

  • Describe Changes Clearly

When terminating the appointment, ensure to give clear notice instantly without wasting time. You need to simply write a short sentence like: “I am really sorry as it's not possible for me to be present in the meeting tomorrow”. 

  • Provide a Decent Explanation

Of course, you have to explain properly the reason for not attending the meeting. If you will not mention this part, then your clients or bosses might start to feel wrong about you as if you are not trustworthy person. You don’t have to write explanation in very detail. To keep email crisp, just give a reasonable reason. 

  • What’s the Solution?

You have to give another appointment date. Suggesting another time for rescheduling implies that meeting the person is no doubt still important for you. And you are actually interested in scheduling the date of appointment again. 

Of course, you have to regret for terminating the meeting and give possibility to your recipient for adjusting the schedule.

For example: “I am surely available on Thursday, September 28, and Tuesday, September 30, from 9 am until 10 am each day”. 

The above sentence seems much better rather than the below-given sentence

“I am surely available every afternoon except next Wednesday and Thursday”. 

You can also inform your recipients by sending them change the date card.

  • End Email with Apology and Appreciation

End your email by saying sorry as well as thank to individual for their thought of your circumstance. This actually shows your admiration. Appreciate the reality that they have to invest their time as well as energy perusing your email as well as possibly compromise their all plans just because of you. Particularly for all business persons, making changes in agenda is not simple in any way. 

Let’s try to understand it with the below-given example:

  • Please accept our honest apologies
  • I am really sorry for inconveniences causes to you and the entire team. 

Apology can too be mentioned in the beginning lines of email.

For instance,

“We are really very sorry to update you that we can't attend the meeting this Thursday”,

“On behalf of entire team members, I apologize…”.

Below given are few things that one must keep in mind:

  • Send the mail as early as possible and don’t just cancel the meeting in the last minute.  
  • Call your recipients if required. If you doubt whether they have received your email or not then make them a call instead of sending emails. However, in majority of cases, sending email is enough. 
  • Try to write it on your own as it’s a kind of apology email so don’t leave this work on assistant. At least, send email from your own ID. 

Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post and it helped you in knowing more about the tips to write reschedule meeting email. Rescheduling of appointments is something people do rarely. Ensure you have good reason, be active in giving another time, and be polite and honest as much as you can.