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Top 10 AngularJS Development Companies to Hire in 2020

By KUMAR ADARSH|29th Jul 2019
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Top 10 AngularJS Development Companies

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework maintained by Google and a community of passionate developers. Many companies have started using this framework for developing interactive web applications and data-driven apps. So, why this framework is grabbing so much popularity in recent times? Well, here are some of the best features of AngularJS that makes it a number one framework among developers:

  • The framework is best supported by Google & have a great developer community.
  • It offers two-way Data Binding.
  • The framework has reusable HTML components & View Model architecture.
  • AngularJS is a test-driven development approach where the dependency injection is the next level.
  • It is a cross-platform Technology with the most user-friendly interface.
  • AngularJS framework is suitable for Single Page Application Development.

In this article, we are listing top 10 AngularJS development companies that you can hire in 2020. The companies achieved these rankings because of its scalable, robust & most user-friendly app development for various sectors like Healthcare, Logistics, Games, GIS etc.

List of Top 10 AngularJS Companies in USA

1. QSS Technosoft

QSS Technosoft

Source: QSS Technosoft

If you are looking out for a professional AngularJS development company then QSS Technosoft is worth going for! QSS is a renowned AngularJS development company in USA & has a vast experience in creating several web apps addressing different needs of clients across the world. With 100+ proficient developers, the company has delivered complex web projects for sectors like games, logistics, IT & healthcare etc., using advanced frameworks like Node.js, AngularJS etc. 

Services provided by QSS include:
Complex Web & Mobile App Development using advanced technologies of React Native, Xamarin, Chatbot, AngularJS & Node.js for sectors like Healthcare, Sports, Logistics, GIS and more.

2. Devtechnosys


Source: DevTechnosys

Devtechnosys is a professional angular development company in India. It is a leading firm to carry out the good platform to deliver challenges in development. The company has created several steady applications based on the front end development using AngularJS & Node.js approach. With the help of expert developers, having vast experience in creating AngularJS apps, the company carries out development in an optimized way. 

Following are the services provided by Devtechnosys:
Custom AngularJS Web, Front end, Mobile App, Web Application & Hybrid App Development.

3. Exadel


Source: Exadel

Exadel, being in the existence for almost 20 years, is proficient in creating custom AngularJS Mobile & web Applications for its clients across the globe. Exadel developers are proficient in all versions of AngularJS. They have an experienced team of the developers who keep the updates of changes in Angular versions while developing any Applications. We hope this company will be able to provide the best development in AngularJS applications meeting your need.

Exadel has a big client base that includes some big industry giants like UBS, Microsoft, GHX, NCP, and McKESSON.

Services Provided by Exadel include:
AngularJS App development, Enterprise Software Solutions, Digital Marketing Technology Services, Big Data and Analytics, Digital Transformation, Products & Platforms as well as DevOps.


4. BairesDev


Source: BairesDev

BairesDev is world recognized ISO Certified Software Development Company with the completion of 850+ projects. They delivered reliable and cost-effective customized software solutions to their clients. They are having an expert team in AngularJS & use the latest technologies for delivering innovative solutions for sectors like Software Outsourcing, Cloud Computing, Gaming, Software Support, Virtual Reality and Quality Engineering. They are trusted by many companies like leaf group, Google, RightSide, Turner, ePublishing, IBM, hp and many more. 

Services Provided by BairesDev:
Professional AngularJS Development services, Single Page Applications (SPA), Real-time Application, Web & Mobile App Consulting & Technology Architecture, Software Delivery Team, IT Staff Augmentation, Software Outsourcing Services.

5. MLSDev


Source: MLSDev

MLSDev is considered as the best Website Development Company in the market offering cost effective AngularJS web applications. They are also expert in Mobile Application, MVP Development & uses a distinct business strategy for the successful project. Working with big clients like ESPN, McDonalds, Panasonic and more, MLSDev after visualizing the client’s idea uses the latest market trends for offering perfect solutions. 

Services Provided by MLSDev:
Hire Professional AngularJS Developer, Single Page Applications (SPA), Real-time Application, Web & Mobile App designs, MVP development etc.

6. Asperbrothers


Source: AsperBrothers

Asperbrothers is a professional AngularJS development company from Poland that develops real-time apps for business purposes. Till now, the company has creating leading-edge web solutions with AngularJS, Vue.js & other latest approach.

Services Provided by Asperbrothers:
Custom Software development, Front end and Back end, Vue.js, AJAX, Django Web Developers & eCommerce Development, Wordpress Development, php, Larvel, Vue.js, AngularJS, Node.js

7. QArea


Source: QArea

QArea, operating in the markets of the US and Europe, have over 17 years of experience and has delivered 800+ projects till now. Aimed to provide highest level of satisfaction to the clients; QArea is focused in delivering scalable, secure, rich solutions on time. According to QArea, there is huge market in AngularJS and thus focuses in delivering web applications development and mobile software development using latest trends of AngularJS. QArea has worked with Microsoft, AOI, NT, taptu, Skype and many more.

Services Provided by QArea:
Software Development, Testing, Support & Maintenance, IT Consulting, Website Development, Top-notch AngularJS Development Services

8. Arpatech


Source: Arpatech

The AngularJS development company is always delivering fabulous results to the customers who want to increase sales and gain better marketing promotions. The company ensure to offer 360 degree solutions to each project they work on. 

Services Provided by Arpatech:
Web Design & Development using AngularJS, Mobile App Development, software development, magento development, ecommerce development, managed cloud hosting, it resource allocation & management, business intelligence, business process outsourcing, digital marketing.

9. Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions

Source: Konstant Infosolutions

Konstantinfo is a leading AngularJS development company in India offering services to clients based in & across USA. It is one of the highest rated Web and Mobile App Development Company with more than 2500+ happy customers worldwide. The company follows the approach of adopting latest IT trends like AngularJS, React Native & Node.js in developing world class web apps.

Services Provided by Konstantinfo include: 
Development & Consulting, Enterprise Custom Solutions, Cross-Platform, eCommerce Development, HTML5 App Solutions & Maintenance and Support

10. Belitsoft


Source: Belitsoft

BelitSoft is a leading angular development company offering massive solutions to boost business sales for clients across the world. The company uses AngularJS is an open source practice supported by Google itself. According to the company AngularJS script is more powerful and first choice for building reliable real-time applications. They have proficient team of developers that creates robust and secure solutions to attract customers. 

Services Provided by Belitsoft are: 
AngularJS software, web, dashboards, AngularJS mobile app development, Design & UI development, Consulting, Maintenance and Support


We hope you enjoyed reading about these top 10 web application development company in the world, handpicked for you. The companies develop custom-tailored apps that help businesses easily connect with the customers offering a more intimate, reliable, and trustworthy relationship. The listed web app developer companies have vast experience and expertise in offering innovative web solutions using AngularJS framework. 

So, don’t just look around and get a high-end solution by the professional firms who are having vast experience in developing apps smoother.