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Top 10 Trusted Mobile App Development Companies In The UK

Want to know who is the UK's best app development company?​

Top 10 Trusted Mobile App Development Companies In The UK

Monday January 07, 2019,

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The rapid rise in smartphones across the globe has caused a surge in the app development market due to this there are almost 8000 new apps published daily on both iOS and Android platforms. This creates a demand for specialist app development firms to achieve high-quality apps. 

Over the past few years, there has been an undeniable increase in technological start-ups where ordinary individuals and small businesses have ideas that soon become multi-million dollar corporations. However, due to the rapid rise in demand for app developers, every person or company with an app idea is left in a predicament to find a suitable app development firm that can achieve a fantastic app most efficiently.

Either it is an e-commerce company or a logistics one, all need mobile applications. The reason is the easy & free availability of the app and the efficiency of its use. It is more comfortable to use mobile applications than software on non-portable computers. 

Furthermore, the perception of the internet & affordable smartphones has gained the fame of mobile apps to every new level.

As a result of the vast and rapid growth in the app development market, it is becoming more concentrated by the day. Being cognizant of this change, if you have an idea for a mobile application, you may require a trustable mobile app development company to deplete the chances of a leak. Therefore, on the basis of my detailed research and reviews taken from diverse sources and customers of the below companies, here are the top 10 most trustable app development companies in the UK. 

The List of the Top 10 Trusted Mobile App Development Companies in the UK:

Hedgehog Lab

Founded in 2007, hedgehog lab is a global software consultancy of 200+ that specialises in multi-platform software and device innovation. Headquartered in London with six offices across three continents, their team architects, designs, and develops app solutions that prepare brands for the future of post-PC devices.

Hedgehog lab created a series of successful apps for a large Norwegian energy company. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, the apps were made to inspire creativity and engagement within key audiences. Workmanship aside, the client also recognised their professionalism and proactive approach.


Founded in 2011, TechSimulater is a Tech Firm dedicated to a variety of technological development. With an emphasis on app development. TechSimulater aims to introduce the latest technological products to the world and to develop apps that solve both growing concerns around the globe. Being the second largest app development firm in the UK. They have over 2000 app developers worldwide enriched in years of experience. 

They have evolved to be a leading mobile app development company. Their clients cover from small business to multinational companies. Their team is on hold by every step of the process to assure your total comfort. Having been featured by National Press, The British Parliamentary Review and their CEO being referenced in the Forbes makes them a major player in the UK. 


Ready4S is one of the highest ranked mobile app developers in the UK, Their five years of experience in app development of iOS and Android platforms made them a trusted app development partner for enterprises and start-ups. They have built a team with excellent skills to produce results that they give every day. They worry about every detail in the method they choose, and they are steadily improving in all aspects.

They help big brands to join forces actively with clients by custom experiences for smartphones, tablets, and smart home devices.


Established in 2006, Brightec is one of the leading mobile app development companies. Their strategy combines business intelligence, enterprises user experience, and design. Their UI & UX specialists cover themselves with users & client's business to accurately know all the essential needs. They grow on taking complicated difficulties and design apps which are powerful, quick and convenient to use.

Brightec employs a user-centric way to make UX. This allows them to assure order of business & technical needs with user's demands.


3 SIDED CUBE is the notably one of the best mobile app development companies in the UK, with a proper enthusiasm for app development technology. They believe if you have a team of experienced people, you must invest & see through their lense. Their good user experiences are possible through quality implementation.

They have employed robust methods met by the highly experienced in-house team of project managers, designers, developers that provide applications with a higher specification.


Nomtek is an app design & development company which was founded in 2009 with a record of various apps covering the application store listings.

They are specialists in mobile applications that are created primarily for business purposes. They have the know-how and expertise to establish an app made to maximise business potential. They are extremely experienced and have done some superb work with global clients which you can read about on their website.

They deliver the best services, and it is all directed at one ambitious goal that the team has towards providing remarkable results to the market.


Waracle is a mobile app development company which specialise in mobility solution and approach. They understand your business and will continue or decline by how you respond to an existing mobile app. They have joined the industry's best mobile app developers, designers, and app optimisation experts and have different industry experience in this area.

They are always ready to uncover the possibilities which mobile apps can achieve. Waracle has served many customers to unlock an entirely new way of serving.


Architect offers the best platforms, apps, and movies. They use the equivalent method to create and to solve some problems. They engage people who utilise both sides of their mind. Their Application developers are field expertise with years of in-depth experience. They know the importance to make the best app and would like to learn from you.

They are gaining the faith of the clients by quality design, fabulous value for support in project performance, workability to achieve their valuable clients' belief.


Intellectsoft is a software partner who is a master in app development, marketing and to maintain apps. They have worked with 300+ global customers by developing an excellent software solution since 2007 — their skilled team of more than 200 industry strategists and technology experts who cooperates and provides clients at every stage.

They have constant client happiness, positive review and always try to give the perfect team for enterprise demands.

B60 Apps

B60 produces elegantly designed, simple to use mobile apps for each primary mobile platform & have consulted for some of the biggest businesses and names globally. They continue to stay with fast-changing trends & implement the most significant technology, creativity & scientific expertise in their services.

They have always maintained valuable clients within a rapid measure of time. B60 team always try to follow advanced technology trends, to make things easy for you.


I have listed the top 10 mobile app development companies in the UK. This will help you to pick your dream app development company.

The above-listed companies are based on my research and reviews given by their previous clients. I will not deny the fact that there may be many more app development companies that deserve to be on this list, so feel free to share below through the comment section.