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Top 18 hacks for more social media traffic

Top 18 hacks for more social media traffic

Wednesday August 28, 2019,

6 min Read

Social media hacks are the life-saver for your businesses and branding. It helps you to increase your online visibility and helps you to reach a wider audience in a shorter period. It helps you to create a stronger connection with the target audience and build their trust in you. Today we will help you with the top 18 hacks that will help you to get more social media traffic.

1- More promotion, less creation

You might be shocked after knowing this hack, but promoting existing content is more beneficial than creating a fresh one. It is not mandatory to create new content every time. The more you promote the existing content, the wider audience it will get to reach, every time.

2- Attracting a smaller audience

Don’t start with a big plan, although we all want to achieve big but taking baby steps is the best to start with. Smaller audiences have more chances to engage and connect with you, rather than the wider one.

3-Promoting content on Different Platforms

You created content to get tons of traffic but are you promoting it everywhere? You cannot depend on a single platform and expect engagement and traffic from it. Make sure you have posted your content on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms too. The more social variants you have, the better your audience reach will be.

4- Staying Active on Social Media

You have posted your content on every social channel but then it’s been a huge gap since you posted anything after that. This is called lack of interaction. You need to update and post regularly on every social platform as this helps your audience to stay engaged and connected with you.

5- Asking for Feedbacks

It is very important to know what your audience thinks of you and there is nothing wrong to ask them for a feedback. It not only helps you to perform better but also makes you aware of what isn’t better in your work. Apart from that, you have to encourage and convince them to like, comment and share your content.

6- Show them that you care

Let us suppose, one of your customers has a complaint regarding your product or service. This is a challenge that you have to accept with patience and sweetness. Make sure to convert this challenge into an opportunity to tackle the issue with so much care that the customer identifies you as a reputed personality.

7- Go live

Going live is the oldest option but it works like magic. When you interact with your audience through the live process then the engagement rate automatically enhances higher and it helps you to connect with your audience on a great level. It also increases your chances to get new followers and a quality profile.

8- Monetizing social media marketing efforts

It is very important to focus on every aspect but let’s not forget that your main purpose is to drive traffic and reach the audience to generate sales for your business. You can use several options to pitch your market messaging through subscription channels, promotion of the content product or you can simply enroll yourself into a digital marketing course to learn the best strategies and techniques for your business.

9- Highlight testimonials

Trust is the root of every business. Your new customers will surely listen to your existing customers. People always go through reviews and testimonials to know more about your brand. Positive testimonials and reviews will help you to gain trust and loyalty of your target audience as well as new customers.

10- Use social campaigns

Social campaigns always help you to generate leads and it is always designed in such a manner to target the right audience and get more traffic. The campaign goals are specific and their results can be tracked easily.

11- Use different content for different platforms

Your Instagram content won’t work for your LinkedIn channel and your LinkedIn content won’t work for Facebook. Every social channel has its own form of content. It is important to wisely choose your platform to post your content to get the right traffic.

12- Using Visualization

Simple content could be boring and this might be the reason why you aren’t getting the traffic. We suggest you to use images, info-graphics, and voices in your content. Visuals attract everyone and rich media always creates the best traffic and engagement of your audience.

13- Focus Quality

No matter how long your content is, if it doesn’t have the quality, then it is of no use. Do remember, that traffic can only be driven through the quality of the content. Make sure to use the right and attractive words for your audience that would be beneficial for them.

14-  Use Native videos

Videos are the first preference of any user. People are more interested in videos rather than text or simple content. You must create short videos that will not only engage your audience but also keep them connected to you.

15- Schedule your posts

There might be times when you are ill, busy or out of the internet. So, are you going to wait for the perfect timings? Scheduling your videos will help to save you from various situations and also save your time. You can sit an entire day to schedule your entire week to get things done in the right way.

16- Be authentic

In a world of rumors and fake acquaintances, people do crave for authenticity and relevant information. If your content is authentic then people will surely subscribe and follow your social channel. This will also help you to get tons of traffic on social media.

17- Personal Level                    

A personal touch always creates the best of connections and trust between you and your audience. Even if it’s your existing audience, you should always express the best of affection and care towards them. We suggest you to use “Direct messaging” to your audience regarding your products and brands and request them to share their views on your channel.

18- Discount Coupon codes

Who doesn’t love discounts? Everyone loves concession and they all crave for discounts and vouchers. When you provide good offers to your audience, they will automatically get attracted to your channel and it will enhance your traffic and visibility chances in a better way.