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Top 3 Fashion Designing Colleges in India 2019

Fashion Designing Colleges in India 2019

Fashion Designing is for someone who has an eye for fashion trends, understands the aesthetics of apparel fabrics and obviously has a taste in designing. Even today, a lot of people don’t consider fashion designing as a reputed career option as compared to other career options. However, with proper career guidance and education in fashion, aspiring fashion enthusiasts can make their choices limitless. Since this industry works in close relation with media and film fraternity, it attracts a lot of eyeballs. All of this is  ultimately linked it to glamour and creativity.

Getting into this industry consists of a lot of hard work and zeal to create new design each day. As the trends change on-the-go, it is essential to match the speed of an ever-evolving industry. If one wants to pursue a career in fashion designing, the road to success is not easy. One will have to work harder and develop several other aesthetic skills. It requires learning and thoroughly knowing visual arts, general designing and animation, and graphic designing as well. Once the student is well-versed in these fields of study, they can become a stylist, fashion designer, retail manager, textile designer and so much more. A thorough knowledge on fashion designing can help aspirants to become more than just regular designers.

High-end fashion designing colleges in India give a chance to learn the basics of this fashion designing industry. There are many fashion design institutes offers specialised courses in this field. The course curriculum and teaching methodology helps to determine how good the institute is. The top three institutes with an outstanding record of imparting vocational training are mentioned below -

Pearl Academy - Pearl Academy is the one of the top fashion design college in India, having its branches in Delhi, Noida, Mumbai and Jaipur. It holds a well established name in the education & fashion ecosystem because of its advance curriculum, industry insights and international exposure Pearl Academy has contributed to the fashion industry with big names like Shiven Naresh, Gaurav Ghera, etc. The institute is also equipped with state of the art labs for media, fashion and design. Since then, it has revamped the structure of fashion designing courses and the industry in all.

Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology - The name of this fashion designing institutes is cherished in Mumbai. It is known for its multidisciplinary courses in different domains of the industry like jewellery design, animation, graphic design, architectural design, product design, fashion management etc. The students gain knowledge via the proper mix of creative educational culture, development of problem-solving capabilities & by promoting design competencies.

National Institute of Design- Established in 1961, NID is known fashion design college in Ahmedabad, depicting the centre for a good amalgamation of design education and research. The institute makes the students familiar with recent industry trends and work accordingly. The course is based on analysis of latest market trends. It helps the institute get the students placed in good organisations which helps in better career opportunities.

The institute encourages the students to get involved with real-life projects, which in turn adds value to the future professionals, giving them a taste of actual situations they may face.