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Top 5 Postgraduate Courses after Bachelors In Architecture


The education provided in your journey to attain a Bachelor's degree helps you learn the art of planning out a design and executing the construction of any building in a systematic manner. At the same time, you understand the structural capacity of different buildings and the difference in their constructional methods.

After getting this education, you might question yourself by asking – what exactly can I do after architecture degree?

One course of action you can take is to extend your knowledge and enhance your existing skills by opting for an MBA degree.

Keeping this in mind, here are some courses that you can pursue after a Bachelors in Architecture:

MBA in Construction Project Management

Many colleges like RICS School of Built Environment provides an MBA program in the field of Construction Project Management. Their primary focus is to help you excel in the field of being a project manager by letting you learn special skills like management and cooperation. The institute will guide you on the various processes involved in leading a team of specialists, such as structural engineers, architects, and many more. This MBA program will give you the knowledge and skills around the domain of business management, project management, sustainable development, and construction management.

MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure - Is MBA in Real Estate relevant for Architects? Here’s what you need to know! This program maintains a balance of the technical and managerial aspects involved in the field of the Indian real estate sector. In this course, you will be exposed to a whole host of learning methodologies through subjects like Business Development, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Marketing, Real Estate Valuation, and Finance Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management.

MBA in Construction Economics and Quantity Surveying

Studying construction economics and quantity surveying will provide you with a vast amount of knowledge across various aspects, including commercial management, financial management, and the procurement of construction projects. The program has a rich mix of technical and managerial competencies, with subjects such as Business Development & Strategy, Project Management & Quantity Surveying, Construction Finance, Quantity Surveying Data Analytics, Project Support, and Value-Added Activities.

Masters in Urban Design

Students who pursue their masters in this discipline gain a significant amount of knowledge in the fields of architectural design, real estate & public finance, design culture, urban governance, and humanities. Colleges that provide this course have set up a design studio sequence for the development of analytical, projective, and speculative design work to address complex global urban dynamics.

Masters in Architecture

A Masters in Architecture is an extensive two-year program that helps you learn how to design and make structural plans of various structures such as buildings, gardens, hospitals, theme parks, or anything else along the same lines. You can specialise in many subjects like urban design, landscape architecture, industrial design, and regional planning, to name a few.

Once you complete a Bachelors in Architecture, you would obviously want to go down a path that will further expand your career options. You just need to perform thorough research and peruse all the different colleges that provide the courses mentioned above. Doing this will allow you to choose the kind of discipline you want to pursue, in the institute that will serve your needs the best.


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