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Top 5 Reason Behind Node.js Popularity


NodeJS has certainly turned out to be the victorious web application development platform in recent times. The onset of technology in the Indian start-up ecosystem has brought about a dire need to explore and figure out the meanest ways of developing applications in this digital era. The JavaScript-based open source cross-platform library books up an exceptional option for you to build real-time applications and make the web a more beautiful place. Here are the most persuasive reasons to believe that NodeJS is by far the most popular web development solution in the recent times. 

Closely Coupled, Seamlessly Interfaced Database

In this world of no SQL database, primarily governed by MangoDB, Couch, Node just offers convenience of easy database operations combined with the same NodeJS environment. NodeJS runtime environment is typically built to manage and manipulate JSONs with nullified human intervention unlike Ruby on rails or any other platform which required convergence or conversion in the intermediate stages. 

The Proxy Serving Abilities

It is a really well known fact that NodeJS has highly effective features which solution analysts or a developer can use to set up a number of services through proxy. NodeJS development environment unimaginably facilitates third-party resource communication like collection of data, processing of queries or even storing the media files within the CDN. Thus, it is to be meticulously noted that NodeJS can become an efficient proxy server in case of absence of a professional proxy set up. 

Nascent Contributing Community

The tech world has seen a proven potential of all the open sourced resources on the Internet due to the ever increasing number of contributors and their development packages. The Node Package Manager (npm) allows people to share and reuse functional blocks of codes which are tested and helps you build robust and truly consistent solutions in no time. 

Broad-based Compatibility

All major cloud hosting service providers and virtual machines are seamlessly integrated to help you post the note server for all the web applications. One can use it to bundle applications on Virtual Machines,Docker (CE and EE), Microsoft Azure and AWS. 

Leveraging Full Stack Development

NodeJS is one of the anchor development solutions for building a fullstack web applications with the help of NodeJS for the backend, React, Angular for the front-end with a common spine of database in the form of no SQL database.


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