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Top 6 Trending Web Development Frameworks in 2018


Top 6 Trending Web Development Frameworks in 2018

Digitalization has made it necessary for every business to develop web services, and to remain on top of everything and competition, it is necessary to keep bringing new features, and innovation in the web development area.

Before you plunge into web development, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. These things include the visual look of the database, websites, caching and so many more.

But do not worry; the web development is made simple and fast with the help of web development frameworks. Let’s read about some best web development framework that will help you in developing web services, all the benefits provided by them are included too.

Here are 6 popular web frameworks in the year 2018:


Angular which was initially called AngularJS is one of the best web application frameworks. Developed by Google, it is a JavaScript framework designed for creating dynamic web apps. This web development framework is enough for developing any front-end based apps. Its features are:

  • You most probably won’t require any more plugins and framework.
  • Information from the model and controller can be shown using its templates.
  • It supports the MVC architecture which lets the developer split the app into MVC components, and the rest is handled by Angular.
  • All the expressions used in it are code snippets that have no loops or conditional statements, but they format the data and display it.

The websites made using these features are Netflix and GoodFlims amongst others.


This is another best framework for web development which is written in Python and follows the MVC architecture. This web development framework is best suited for creating complex data-driven websites. Its features include:

  • It lets the developers reuse components for quick web development
  • It also provides an additional interface- create, read, update and delete (CRUD) interface which is admin related. It can help you to manage the website without modifying/editing the code.
  • Any new user can experiment with this framework as it has its own personal lightweight web server.
  • MySQL, SQLite, DB2, Oracle and so many more database engines are supported by it.
  • The migration and mapping between all these frameworks are made easy by Django thus saving your time and energy.

Django is responsible for creating the awesome sites like Instagram, Mozilla etc.

Ruby on Rails

One of the best web application frameworks is Ruby on Rails, which is a server-side framework and is created by using the language Ruby. It lets the code be used again which makes the development of app quick, and easy. Its features include:

  • It makes less error and the development process is quick, full of benefits and uses fewer codes making it worth the cost.
  • This web development framework is pretty flexible making it suitable for every business type.
  • It makes the development of websites fast by minimizing the time spent on it by 30-40%, which is due to its lean code base.
  • This framework is stable, predictable, and works great on long-term projects even in case of changing a team member.
  • It lets you add features or edit any existing code on the website with ease.
  • It has a dedicated community that will be ready to help you anytime.

Basecamp, Ask. Fm etc. are the websites developed using this framework.


Based on PHP, this web development framework is an open source, and its main goal is to create more secure, modern and reliable web services and apps. Its features include:

  • Since Zend uses numerous PHP packages, it makes developing website that are of high quality, easy and quick.
  • This framework uses the MVC architecture, and thus the code used in web services/apps are easier to understand while at the same time clean and simple. The reason behind this is the separation of database and business logic from the presentation layer.

You can even benefit from its cache feature, and most of its components are workable.

Meteor JS

This popular web framework is free, open source and based on Isomorphic JavaScript. MeteorJS main function is to help in SEO and load pages faster. Its features include:

  • It gives the developers numerous large resources and is written in Node. Js. This lets the user create a real-time web application for different platforms.
  • This web development framework reuses the same code to develop code for Android, IOS and desktop.
  • With just enough knowledge of JavaScript, you can develop web services or apps. Also, MeteorJS requires only a few lines of code in comparison to the code used by other frameworks.
  • This framework makes the web development process quick and SEO friendly while creating services in real-time.

It has a number of developers thus getting help when you are in crux is easy enough.


It is one of the popular and best web development frameworks that use PHP. With the help of Laravel, you can make web and mobile applications for both small and big businesses.

Its features include:

  • Since this technology is available for any browser and device, it increases the online traffic of the website.
  • It simplifies the website by incorporating various features like MVC support, database migration, cross-site request forgery, modular packaging systems and so many more.
  • This framework has an autoloading facility in its software thus it requires no special paths and maintenance.
  • Laravel can create unique URLs as it can create many routes with the name of existing routes.

These were some of the popular web development framework, other development frameworks are:

  • YII
  • Express JS

The importance of selecting the best web development framework should not be ignored. If you want a website or web application that has great quality, has rich features and is future-ready, then find the best development framework that suits your business. According to your business needs and comfort level with the programming language chose any of the popular frameworks.


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