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Top 7 Self-Made Young Indians to See in 2019

List of Top 7 Self-Made Young Indians to See in 2019 Who Are Expanding Their Influence and Power Globally to Initiate the Change We Need

We all need a change in our lifestyle, environment, government, a way of thinking and more. However, are we willing to work towards that change? If we are not, there are several people at a young age trying to bring change, a positive change into the world. Why don’t we support them in any possible way?

Today, we will discuss such personalities who have achieved so much at a young age and are willing to compromise at nothing until they reach their goals or destination. The population of India is crossing 1.6 billion which is the second highly populated country in the world next to China. Within this huge population, these youngsters are burning like stars and providing light to those who need it.

  • Trisha Shetty – SheSays India

We have been witnessing gender discrimination in the country since ancient times. However, what did we do about it? Trisha Shetty, an attorney from Mumbai, Maharashtra is working towards this issue.

Her non-profit organization called SheSays has created a voice for those who cannot speak. We are not willing to or unable to work towards gender equality but, we certainly can appreciate and support Trisha for her fight towards women rights and equality in the country.

To end sexual harassment against women in any environment is Trisha’s only goal. The main reason for her to become an activist was the Nirbhaya or the Delhi Gang Rape case which did create chaos in the country. Since then via SheSays, Trisha has provided psychological, mental and legal support to more than 60000 youngsters. Educating young minds to raise awareness towards sexual abuse and harassment is the main goal Trisha follows..!!

  • Trishneet Arora – TAC Security Solutions

We know hacking is bad due to the common misconception of hacking leading to stealing confidential data. However, hacking can also be used for good causes says the ethical hacker and the founder of TAC Security Solutions Trishneet Arora.

The young entrepreneur has the foremost knowledge about hacking and how vulnerable the system is. He has proven methods and written books on countering cyber crimes. With experience on working with Punjab and Gujarat Police department solving cyber crimes, Trishneet has death with and prevented cyber crimes.

Trishneet has been recognized by both national and international organizations for his achievements in ethical hacking. Hacking is not bad in every situation, ethical provides ways to prevent system breaches and close any loopholes in it. We need to be aware that cyber warfare is another curse of the internet and TAC security solutions provide much-needed security in the virtual world.

  • Santoshi Shetty – The Style Edge

We praise a woman’s beauty with fashion, however, criticize a young and upcoming talent in the same gender. Santoshi Shetty had to go through something similar in order to become famous via her fashion blog The Style Edge. She’s one of the youngest fashion trendsetters in the country and has been fighting for women equality in the country.

Being an architecture student, she applied the same principles in fashion to gain such popularity in such a short amount of time with a half a million followers on social media. Elle and Cosmopolitan praised her fashion sense and trends via naming her as Blogger of the year for 2016 and 2017. 

She is a powerhouse amassing influence among young people and that’s why brands are racing against each other to have her on board as an ambassador, she surely holds a power to take up a brand to the next level.

  • Raj Shamani – Shamani Industries

The ironic cycle of life is always revolving and an excellent example would be Raj Shamani. #Thatuselesskid was his nickname in his early life due to the poor performance academically. Raj didn’t give up just because of that nickname and went to prove everyone wrong about how his life would turn out.

Raj is just 21 and has built central India’s fastest growing FMCG company, has associated himself with world’s most powerful companies, spoken in more than 23 countries and with UN backing, he has become a force of Inspiration to reckon with, this all seems like a wonderland but it surely isn’t anything closely related to overnight fame.

His childhood made his goal much more clear – To empower young people to follow their passion to create their own path. No matter how rigorous the path is, the destination will certainly be their own choice.

That useless kid was one of the youngest speakers in the United Nations headquarters representing India, a proud moment for all of us since a useless and academically weak kid could turn things around to such an astonishing extent.

  • Karishma Mehta – Humans Of Bombay

A story at this time could be an epic history in the future since we have been hearing random stories about the past. Karishma Mehta is such a story teller who started Humans of Bombay with a dream.

Everyone has a story including animals, we need a fresh perspective to understand someone’s life. Karishma depicts stories of random strangers in the city of Mumbai since 2014. Hearing stories since childhood was the spark for Karishma to bring her idea to life. More than 1000 random stories of random strangers have been published on her blog and still going strong.

Even now, Karishma is nervous to engage in a conversation with a stranger however, the constant rejection helps improve one’s perception towards finding those stories that matter. One of the fast-growing personality to look out for in the upcoming year is certainly Karishma.

  • Ansar Ahmad Sheikh – IAS

Nothing is impossible says the youngest IAS officer, the son of an auto driver – Ansar Sheikh. Becoming an IAS officer at re age of 21 is not an easy task. You need a firm determination and routine in order to crack one of the toughest exams in the civil service sector.

The ratio of success is one in a million and yet people don’t give up hope to take the exams more than once in order to become an IAS officer.

Basically, from Maharashtra, Ansar had a supportive family in order to pursue his education. His younger brother and mother supported him to achieve his goal. The sacrifices his family made has certainly been worth every effort.

One of the rarest wonders in the country to become an IAS officer against all odds at the young age of 21 has Ansar as one the youngsters to look up to in the upcoming year.

  • Aranya Johar – Poet

India is well known for its achievements in the literature however, not many pursue this sector to become a writer or a poet. Even in this overwhelming odds, a young poet Aranya became famous via her poems to depict the act of violence and harassment against women.

At the young age of 13, Aranya was exposed to the world of poetry. Being sucked into the world of poetry, Aranya never looked back once and knew what she wanted to do.

Since then, the 13-year-old had a mindset to fight against gender discrimination and she does it via words.

Final Thoughts

To rise above others in an honest way is nearly impossible yet these young minds teach us a lot to live for. Keep an eye out to see how these youngest from our country will affect the world to bring about the change and we couldn’t..!!


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